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Company News >> OLED era is coming BOE, Black Cattle Food and other enterprises into a period of rapid development
In the iPhone X large-scale use of OLED full screen and selling under the influence of the demand for OLED mobile terminal is being rapidly released. From the aspect of technology and performance, the OLED full-screen has the advantages of high screen ratio, high resolution and the like, which greatly enhances the visual experience of many games and video users. In addition, because OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology has the advantages of self-luminous, wide viewing angle , Almost infinitely high contrast and other features for the smart phone fingerprint recognition, face recognition, VR / AR and other technology applications provide a more excellent hardware environment, so more in line with the future development trend of smart phones.
Although LCDs are still the lowest-cost display, the cost of scale-down OLEDs is likely to be lower than that of LCDs in the near future, completely replacing LCDs. Organizations predict that by 2020 OLED penetration in smart phones will reach 62%, surpassing the LCD as the most mainstream flat display. At present, the mainstream mobile phone brands including Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Vivo and OPPO all choose to adopt the AMOLED screen on their flagship aircraft. As the AMOLED cost is reduced, AMOLED is expected to soon be applied to the low-end models.
According to the Prospect Industry Research Institute released the "OLED Industry Investment Outlook Analysis Report" OLED shipments in 2016 at about 350 million, the next three years by Samsung 80% utilization, Apple 25%, 50%, 80% 16%, 22% and 28% usage of other mobile phones. It is estimated that the OLED screen will increase to 750 million in 2019, more than 2 times of the volume in 2016, and the annual compound growth rate will reach 32%. The market size will increase from 11.3 billion in 2016 to 29.3 billion in 2019, with a compound annual growth rate of 33%.
Based on optimistic about the prospects for the OLED industry, a large number of capital markets into the A-cell OLED funds, shares of listed companies have soared. Since this year, OLED plate plate index rose from the lowest 1,014 points to the highest 1,411 points, the highest increase of nearly 40%.
Analysis, although there are more than 60 A-share OLED concept stocks, but most of the OLED industry chain of raw materials, equipment and other ancillary businesses really grasp the OLED manufacturing process and technology are not many enterprises to master the most advanced 6 On behalf of flexible AMOLED manufacturing technology listed companies is even more rare, only the BOE, Black Cattle Food, Shen Tian Ma and a handful of other.
Taking Black Cattle Food as an example, Guoxing Photoelectric Co., a subsidiary of a listed company, is a leading high-tech enterprise integrating OLED research and development and production in China. Its core team has 20 years of R & D and production experience in the OLED field. Has an experienced, production and R & D ability of outstanding technical personnel, in the field of patent applications for more than 1,700; Guoxianuo under the flag of Vision shows that Beijing Visionox is an important member of the OLED International Standards Group and OLED countries Standard leader, responsible for the formulation, revision of 4 OLED international standards, led the development of five OLED national standards and three OLED industry standards. The 5.5th-generation active matrix organic light-emitting display device (AMOLED) project invested and constructed by it has been officially supplied to some handset manufacturers.
Not only that, Black Bull food non-public offering program was November 6, 2017 approved by the Commission. The total amount of additional funds raised by the company for no more than 15 billion yuan, of which 11 billion yuan into the sixth generation of active matrix organic light-emitting display devices (AMOLED) panel production line project. It is understood that the project total investment of 26.214 billion yuan, will rely on the company's own core technology of independent intellectual property rights to create a world-class state-of-the-art new display industry base. After the project is put into production, it can meet the demand of 90 million smartphone screens, effectively increase the domestic AMOLED panel supply, and promote the large-scale production of panels and modules. At the same time, the project will also promote China AMOLED to participate in the international market competition and break the monopoly position of Japan and South Korea in the field of display technology.

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