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Company News >> Cóng jiàoyù jiāohù píngbǎn zhuǎnháng màidān LCD tóuyǐng jīnnián xīnpiàn hěn jǐnquē, jiàgé pǔbiàn shàngzhǎngle hǎojǐ bèi, bùjǐn jǐn shì dàjiā suǒ guānzhù de qìchē, jiādiàn hángyè, tóuyǐng yí zhège xì fēn lǐngyù tóngyàng rúcǐ, shènzhì gèng shén, mǒu hángzhō
 Chips are in short supply this year, and prices have generally risen several times. It is not only in the automotive and home appliance industries that everyone is concerned about, but also in the subdivision of projectors. Business opportunities are hard to find. In many areas, offline channels increase by hundreds of yuan are still hot. "Some companies stock up on chips, but do not plan to assemble products. After all, selling chips is more profitable." Channel vendors responded because they are too short of chips.
From the perspective of product form, chip shortages are mainly concentrated on DLP technology, while single-chip LCD has less impact. On the contrary, after DLP chips are out of stock, single LCD smart projectors have more market opportunities.
The professional name of single LCD smart projection is a single-chip LCD projector. It uses ordinary small-screen LCD panels as the display core chip, coupled with other necessary equipment to form a complete working light path, and provides large-scale realistic pictures through the lens system. , To show users powerful image effects.
On the optical path, this product is difficult to shrink due to the large chip area, and the total light efficiency utilization rate of the optical path is also very low. The internal optical and mechanical components of the process structure are accurate to 0.1mm. When selecting the main optical components, such as projection bulbs, reflectors, mirrors, projection lenses, focusing lenses, Fresnel lenses, etc., the product performance is stable and has a very mature industrial chain in China. In the eyes of many professionals, the LCD light valve projector is a "technical form that appeared in history." It is essentially the product of using the optical switch function of the liquid crystal to improve the imaging effect of the CRT projector.
But it is this kind of "historical product" that was rejuvenated by the "home economy" during the epidemic.
Excitement and anxiety
From the perspective of market competition, more and more brands have entered the projection industry in the past two years. According to statistics, there are nearly 300 brands, of which more than half are in the LCD camp. Such a fierce situation has also made this group of players feel more pressured.
The upstream ceiling of the monolithic LCD may be right in front of him. In Li Qian’s office, there are several popular XGIMI, Nuts, and Fengmi products. In the face of the competition between DLP and LCD, Li Qian also often meets. Think about the future technology trends, such as whether projection will be eliminated with meta-universal equipment; laser light source price reduction; LED brightness bottleneck breakthrough; ultra-short throw products popularization and so on. But on the other hand, the rich channel experience will make him feel that the Chinese market is too big, and the channel winners have the world. When the technology is iterated, the product will be changed, or perhaps the product is not the most important. Can find suitable consumers.
"Marketing channels in mainland cities is very similar to stock trading. They are all making money on bands. The market is very profitable more than ten years ago. It is very profitable to do weak electricity. Later, it is also very moist to sell management software. Now the market for single LCD projection is good, but it can make money. I don’t know how long the money will be. What makes me most gratified is that several young people in the company have saved enough money to buy a car this year.” Liu Xin smiled.

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