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Company News >> AMOLED impact fade in the first half of the LCD touch display began to decline 21th,June,2017
                                        Recently to the mid-year annual report of the intensive release period, according to the relevant content of the release, non-Apple mobile phone LCD touch display technology, began to be AMOLED display technology impact.
                              One of the factories located in mainland China's two touch display giant Ou Fei light and trust, in the LCD touch display business, compared with the same period last year, performance has declined. Which in the mobile phone LCD panels and modules are shouting out of stock every day, the price of the market is very dissonant.
                               Which believe that the first half of the unaudited LCD touch display business a total revenue of 7.635 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 6.547 billion yuan), down about 5.5%. Oufei light touch display operating income of 4.992 billion yuan, down about 22.29% year on year.
                               With Samsung in the second half of last year began to expand the production capacity of AMOLED display, Samsung in addition to shut down their own LCD mobile phone panel production line, the brand's own mobile phone display nearly 70% of the total installed their own AMOLED touch display Integrate the screen.
                               And in order to promote the development of AMOLED industry chain, Samsung is also actively promoting the Chinese-made brand mobile phone also uses Samsung touch display technology. Which in order to segment the domestic brand market, and bypass Apple's SE mobile phone front effect, the Chinese domestic brands in the OPPO, vivo, Meizu mobile phone, in the first half of this year have a ratio of nearly four percent of the Samsung AMOLED touch Show the integration screen.
                               Samsung in the first quarter of this year, AMOLED display shipments almost doubled year on year, shipping more than 80 million. Samsung continued to pull up shipments in the second quarter, shipping close to 100 million. And the second half of Samsung will continue to expand its AMOLED display chip size, and next year Apple phone orders debugging new production line.
Smart phones using capacitive touch technology, display technology and touch technology has become an inseparable fate of the community. But in the capacitive touch technology is no subversive breakthrough, Apple as the representative of the first-line brand has become more and more inclined to use touch and display features integrated In \ On-Cell touch screen, reducing the The Application of External Touch Screen in Mobile Phone Industry.
                               But compared to plug-in LCD touch display technology, In \ On-Cell LCD touch screen is still relatively expensive technology, and even less attractive than Samsung's AMOLED. Samsung's Super AMOLED display, although integrated with On-Cell touch technology, but compared to In \ On-Cell LCD touch screen, whether it is production yield or display to be more customers.
Apple in order to improve the outdoor use of the effect, as well as AR dynamic virtual display technology pave the way, has already begun in the LCD display technology on the sRGB display color gamut to optimize the dynamic environment to enhance the dynamic display, still in the standard SRGB format display, the dynamic will be more richer dynamic video standard NTSC format to adjust. And Apple's next step in some electronic products began to use AMOLED display technology, is to strengthen the dynamic display when the screen effect.
                              In fact, in the plug-in touch screen and embedded In \ On-Cell touch technology, to distinguish between the two in the end there will be much difference, consumers have not really want to really care. Even Apple, until now still on the iPad tablet to adhere to the plug-in touch screen technology, and GF2 membrane structure of the capacitive touch screen, the same does not prevent the iPad to become the best flat product.
                              However, with the AMOLED production costs and display performance continues to progress, AMOLED display cost closer to the top LCD products. And in the case of mobile video applications more and more popular, AMOLED quick response to this advantage, it will be in the field of mobile phone display a large part of the market share.
                              At the same time LCD camp, the panel manufacturers between the business strategy and their living environment, will also make the LCD market differentiation. For example, from the end of the year before the beginning of the ordinary a-Si mobile phone panel production line, based on operating costs pressure, have to transition or close; new LTPS mobile phone panel production line in Japan, the terminal manufacturing center moved to the mainland of China Environment, the loss of customer resources advantage capacity can not be released.

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