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Company News
Company News
Samsung wants to reduce its "LCD dependence" on BOE.... More>>
Samsung Display, LGD Consider "Low Refractive Index CPL" for OLEDs to Improve Light Efficiency... More>>
BOE: LCD products will have the opportunity to usher in volume and price increases in the second half of the year... More>>
UDE2023 grand opening, sounding the magnificent music of the semiconductor display industry... More>>
BOE: Multiple LCD production line depreciation expiration Product cost competitiveness will be further enhanced... More>>
Too "volume", LCD panel overcapacity is serious! These LCD factories will be transformed to transfer production... More>>
LG Display to launch mid-sized OLED panels for gaming monitors... More>>
LCD píng diē pò chéngběn jià? Jīngdōngfāng,TCLmen yālì shāndà, kǎn dān qūdòng xīnpiàn qián jǐ tiān, sānxīng biǎotài, jiāng zhèngshì tuìchū LCD shìchǎng, quánmiàn zhuǎnxiàng OLED,QD,miniLED děng gèng x... More>>
Apple and Sharp start negotiations, iPhone will finally use OLED screen?... More>>
In the second half of the battle of semiconductor display, the OLED ecology of China's major manufacturers is emerging... More>>
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