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Company News >> Korea R & D to enhance OLED panel life and luminous core technology 24th,June,2017
                                        In order to enhance the performance of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels, South Korea is committed to the development of next-generation materials, component technology, the use of heat activated delayed fluorescence (Thermo-activated Delayed Fluorescence; TADF) blue material, replace the life and light problems of blue phosphorescence Materials, as well as to achieve 8K resolution of new components technology has also been the industry's attention. More active grasp of new areas of original technology and patents, with a view to improving the future competitiveness.
According to ET News, Kim Jae-hsun, a professor at Hanyang University in Korea, is developing a 50: 1 high-efficiency, highly polarized organic light-emitting component technology that is part of the core technology of the display core technology development (KDRC). Prior to the display component technology research, mainly for how to control the intensity of light, and this study focuses on how to control the direction of light to improve the OLED panel brightness ratio, to achieve high efficiency.
The research team is dedicated to removing the polarized film on the large size OLED panel of the TV to improve efficiency. Kumoh National University of Engineering team using the existing low molecular weight materials to achieve a 50: 1 polarization ratio; Hanyang University research team is committed to molecular alignment and component technology research.
International research has reached 1.1 candlelight (Candela) with the 30: 1 polarization ratio, but the team to produce better results. Jin Zaixun said that the technology to improve the polarization efficiency can not only be applied to OLED, but also can be applied to 3D hologram technology (Hologram) and other fields. There are not many patents in the field, and Korea has a great opportunity to seize the market.
The most difficult technical OLED blue phosphorescent material, the alternative materials research has also been concerned about. The current heat activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) blue material, considered to be the most effective way to overcome the life, efficiency and color issues of blue phosphorescent materials, is a popular option for alternative materials.
Compared to red phosphorescent and green phosphorescent materials, blue phosphorescent material life is particularly short, resulting in OLED panel overall life and reliability reduced. Internationally for the improvement of blue phosphorescent material life, efficiency and color of the research is quite a lot, but the technical difficulty is also high.
The recent popular alternative to the object TADF, emission spectrum is wide, although the color purity is gradually reduced and the limitations of life reduction, but the development of technology has improved color purity and life. Although many problems remain to be resolved, can not be immediately commercialized, but the industry is looking forward to the high TADF, that is the most opportunity to replace the existing blue phosphorescent material material.
However, Sungkyunkwan University professor Li Junye (translation) said that the delay in fluorescent materials in overseas universities and international OLED materials plant are early research areas, followed by a patent issue is likely to occur. In addition, the mainland for the field of OLED materials to obtain patents are also very positive, so South Korea need to prepare a set of core technology and patent strategy.

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