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Company News >> LCD panel price benchmark in the second half of September LCD prices go up 26th,June,2017
                                                   Wits view released in the second half of September panel prices, in addition to Tablet PC (7 inch) price unchanged, TV, notebook, monitor panel prices are rising, and rose more than the first half of September. Which rose the highest 14-inch, or 4.1%, the price reached 28.1 US dollars / piece, YTD rose 7.3% in the third quarter rose 14.2%. Followed by 32-inch, or 2.9%, the price reached 72 US dollars / piece, YTD rose 30.9% in the third quarter rose 26.3%.
The same time as the above-
Third quarter TV stock market, the fourth quarter is expected to balance supply and demand; the current global TV panel supply tension continued to the third quarter of 2016. The third quarter is usually the TV manufacturer for Christmas sales season stocking an important point in time. In response to panel prices, the TV brand is more actively complement the panel required for the second half of this year.
We expect the fourth quarter export demand will be down, and because the second quarter of 32 to 43-inch and other prices rose rapidly, the whole plant almost difficult to profit, inhibit the size of the corresponding product demand, this phenomenon is expected to be the performance of the fourth quarter obvious. In the case of supply level unchanged, the reduction in demand will lead to the fourth quarter supply and demand balance.
32-inch TV panel is expected to remain 30% market share in 2016; Samsung Display (SDI) is about to close the end of this year, 7-generation line, which led to tight supply of TV panels. The market is expected to upgrade the panel area, 43-inch panel will replace the SDI 7-generation line of 40-inch TV panel, but due to lack of supply of 43-inch panel, 32-inch TV panel is still in 2016 TV market to maintain market share and relative prices continue to climb.
China's BOE and Huaxing photoelectric have increased 32-inch TV panel corresponding capacity. Japan's Panasonic announced in September this year that it no longer produces 32-inch panels, but Sharp announced that it will re-produce 32-inch panel, the fourth quarter is expected to make up for Panasonic's 32-inch production capacity. According to IHS forecasts, it is expected that the global shipments of 32-inch TV panels will be 75.3 million units in 2016, more optimistic than previously expected.

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