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Company News >> OLED panel industry development prospects analysis: the cost is expected to decline rapidly 28th,June,2017
                                                  First, the market quickly penetrated. Li Yaqin predicted that in the fourth quarter of 2016, China's smart phone market AMOLED panel penetration will be close to three percent, higher than the global market about 20% penetration. Previously, the media has reported that in 2018 Apple will make extensive use of AMOLED panel. In addition to Apple, the largest AMOLED mobile phone panel users in the Chinese market are expected to be OPPO. Samsung in recent years to actively promote the AMOLED panel sales in the Chinese market, OPPO, VIVO as a strategic partner.
Like OPPO, 2015 AMOLED panel in its mobile phone penetration rate of 20% this year will reach nearly 50%, growing very quickly. "Because AMOLED is the seller's market, supply and demand sides will determine the entire AMOLED ecology." Li Yaqin said. Huawei and OPPO is different, 2015 AMOLED panel in its mobile phone penetration rate is almost zero, 2016 to maintain within 5%.
Second, the investment is strong. "Li Yaqin said that the world's six generations and six generations of mobile phone panel production capacity to see, AMOLED to 2018 accounted for about 40%, close to 50% in 2020. Taking into account the yield and other factors, OLED out The volume will be slightly lower, is expected in 2020 in the 6 and 6 generation line of mobile phone panel shipments accounted for 40% to 45%.
The same time as the above-
Third, the cost and liquid crystal (LCD) close. "This is very surprising to the domestic industry, rigid AMOLED cost of decline quickly, especially from 2014 to the present." Li Aqin said, AMOLED cost of rapid decline, 5.5-inch FHD (Full HD) LCD mobile phone screen costs are down Not so quickly.
Due to the different structural principles, AMOLED material costs accounted for much lower than the LCD, LCD cost of materials accounted for nearly 6 percent, but the cost of AMOLED material accounted for only 40% to 45%. The other is mainly depreciation, amortization and yield costs. "The early depreciation of the leading companies in the AMOLED line, part of the production line depreciation will soon be over.That is, close to 30% of the depreciation costs will decline rapidly, AMOLED costs will decline rapidly.
"The cost of OLED panels will gradually approach the cost of LCD panels, even below the LCD cost in the visible future, which will be the biggest challenge for the LCD industry, and how to maintain their competitiveness is critical."

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