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Company News >> OLED army incoming LCD industry crisis? 30th,June,2017
                                             Supply of mobile phone panel is OLED, which is mobile phone panel technology from LCD to OLED important signal.
According to the group intelligence consulting survey data show that in the first quarter of 2016, the global smart phone panel total shipments of about 440 million, the annual growth rate of 7%.
OLED army incoming LCD industry crisis?
Among them, the Samsung display AMOLED panel continued to get angry, the first quarter of smart phone panel shipments of more than 80 million, the world's number one, the annual growth rate of more than 50%, Samsung display on the throne of the cause, Edge flexible surface products and the success of the mainland market.
In addition, in the first quarter of 2016 released more than 50 smart phones in the new machine, nearly one-third of the new machine with AMOLED screen panel, display AMOLED panel is not only a topic, but also gradually formed a wave. Looking ahead, with the release of flexible AMOLED resources, it is expected that more and more brands will import AMOLED resources.
AMOLED in small and medium size, especially mobile applications can be a wave of the trend, behind the main promoter is of course Samsung display, as another South Korea panel panel LG Display (LG Display) is mainly in the large size AMOLED TV force, but the current results and Not as obvious as the Samsung monitor.
OLED army incoming LCD industry crisis?
The face of the rise of the mainland panel production capacity of the competition, South Korea resorted to AMOLED panel as a differentiated technology, which is indeed a good move, quickly reduce the AMOLED panel offer results, access to a large number of brand operators. In the mobile phone growth strength slowed down the stage, the terminal brand industry is also differentiated, the panel screen share of large, flexible and attractive, even Apple (Apple) is also afraid of this trend, there may be in the 2017 using AMOLED panel.
South Korea in the AMOLED technology dominate, in general, the hard OLED panel is about 3 years ahead, flexible OLED panel is leading 5 years, Taiwan, Japan, land panel mills difficult to keep up with the short time competitors are difficult to hold a candle The
In addition to technology leadership, the Korean industry has also received national support, leading industrial policy of the Korean Ministry of Industry and Commerce Resources (MOTIE), the fastest will be listed next year, OLED panel development project budget, follow the mainland panel plant, to expand the Korean industry OLED technology The subsidy.
In other words, South Korea's industry and government agencies have formed a consensus, the OLED into the national important industry development strategy, resorted to subsidies, lift OLED-related industries. If you can succeed, it will be hard to sell other competitors, continue to dominate the field in the panel.
If this move is effective, the terminal brand industry, large-scale use of OLED panels, LCD industry will form a major injury. Will the 30-year-old LCD market be sunset? Will OLED accelerate the generation? In the past few years, maybe you can see the real chapter.
In the past, Japanese manufacturers in the field of LCD, in some upstream materials and equipment on the advantages, but in the field of OLED, South Korea in addition to the middle panel manufacturing and module assembly has a strong advantage, in most of the upstream materials, equipment and zero Parts, but also to maintain a leading position. In other words, Korean manufacturers in the field of OLED, occupy a comprehensive advantage.
Taiwan LCD industry after years of development, in addition to a certain amount of panel factory, the upper reaches of the LCD industry supply chain is also quite complete, but in the OLED layout, including the panel and the upstream materials and parts, etc., can be said to be paid Lack of.

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