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Company News >> Study on Low Temperature Heating of Large Size LCD Based on Multi - zone ITO Film 30th,June,2017
                                             In this paper, ITO film as a heating element, designed to prepare large-size liquid crystal display low-temperature heating module. The temperature field distribution of the liquid crystal display is optimized by controlling the duty cycle of the ITO film loading power and introducing the feedback regulation mechanism by using five non-equal partition heating structures. In the 270V voltage, the first 12% power duty cycle to heat up quickly, and then 6% of the power duty cycle to maintain the temperature, can make the liquid crystal display within 300s to achieve rapid start requirements in 500s to reach a relatively stable temperature (-5 ℃), while the regional temperature difference between the 2 ℃, better solve the large-size liquid crystal display low temperature heating uneven problem.
Liquid crystal display (Liquid Crystal Display, referred to as LCD) has a small size, light weight, low power consumption, good electromagnetic compatibility and other outstanding advantages, has become the mainstream display device. As the liquid crystal molecules in the low temperature environment, the viscosity coefficient increases, will lead to longer response time, the image has a serious tail, can not be normal display, resulting in the prevalence of low temperature environment, poor performance, or even work does not work.
For the LCD in low temperature environment is not working properly, the use of more ways is to be coated with ITO (Indium Tin Oxides) film glass as a heating element on the LCD low temperature heating compensation. When the current flows through the ITO film, the heat generated by the resistance of the ITO film itself is transferred to the LCD that matches it to the temperature required for normal operation. At present, the temperature field uniformity of the commonly used regional ITO heating method decreases with the increase of the LCD size, and the local area will produce overheating or underheating, and even cause serious cracking of the LCD and ITO heating elements.
In view of the above problems, this paper intends to use multi-zone ITO film heating structure, control duty cycle and the introduction of feedback adjustment mechanism to control the heating element heating rate, optimize the temperature field distribution, large-size LCD display can be quickly activated in low temperature environment and Stable work.

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