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Company News >> Panel factory large-scale expansion of small and medium size AMOLED production surge 30th,June,2017
                                               As Apple in the iPhone series using AMOLED panel is almost a foregone conclusion, with the global panel makers and mobile phone brands began to compete for investment in small and medium size AMOLED panel boom. TrendForce's photoelectric office WitsView latest research shows that 2016 global small and medium size AMOLED panel production is expected to reach 5.9 million square meters, compared with 2015 growth of about 16.5%. It is expected that the capacity of the small and medium size AMOLED panel will reach 14.4 million square meters in 2019, and the annual compound growth rate will reach 30% in 2015 ~ 2019.
Panel factory large-scale expansion of small and medium size AMOLED production surge
High technical threshold, Samsung display dominance difficult to shake
WitsView senior research manager Fan Bo Yu said that this wave of upsurge in the field of AMOLED panel hard work Samsung monitor is undoubtedly the biggest beneficiaries, in addition to their own brand mobile phone AMOLED panel adoption rate increased year by year, the Chinese mobile phone brand to accept the AMOLED panel The average rate of the overall AMOLED production line, from 75 to 80% last year to more than 90% of this year, and is expected to continue the high rate of growth to the end of the year. In addition, the Samsung monitor plans to continue to expand capacity in the next few years to aim at Apple's huge demand for AMOLED panels.
Korean factory in addition to Samsung display, the LG monitor also stepped up footsteps to expand production capacity, WitsView estimated 2016 global small and medium size AMOLED panel production capacity, the Korean panel factory is still the proportion of up to 93%. Other backward panel factory in the future if the equipment investment and technical improvement to find the entry point, and then mass production AMOLED products, estimated in 2019 Korean panel production capacity of the global proportion will decline to 71%, while the China Panel Factory have the opportunity Climbed to 19%. In addition, the flexible AMOLED panel is becoming the focus of the development of the panel factory, WitsView estimated 2019 flexible AMOLED panel will account for the overall small and medium size AMOLED panel capacity of 61%.
The factory's AMOLED panel in the real mass production before there are still a few key issues still need to be resolved. First of all, the production of small and medium size AMOLED panel with the evaporation equipment is only in the hands of a small number of equipment manufacturers, and accompanied by Samsung's active expansion plan, the other backward panel factory fear will not be able to get enough capacity for evaporation equipment capacity dilemma. In addition, the production of AMOLED panel technology is very difficult, its stability and yield performance are required to spend a lot of resources to improve, as other panel makers in the early development of AMOLED panel is not easy to cross the gap. Fan Bo Yu pointed out that the short-term into the panel factory will still be difficult to shake the Samsung display in the small and medium size AMOLED panel market occupies an absolute dominant position.

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