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Company News >> Optimistic about China's panel industry Merck in China plus LCD R & D investment 24th,Mar,2017
                                                Global pharmaceutical and chemical giant Merck (Merck) on September 13 announced the official opening of its Shanghai, China in the display materials research and development laboratories, which means that the company increasingly value China to show the market. For the current industry show OLED and LCD two product line competition, Merck China executives yesterday made it clear that OLED is the focus of the industry show the focus of the industry, but still in the initial stage of development in recent years, LCD or will occupy the mainstream market Share.
                                     Data show that Merck was established in 1668, the company focused on medicine health, life sciences and high-performance materials in three major areas. In 2015, Merck's total sales in 66 countries reached 12.8 billion euros.
                                     Merck Materials announced today that it has officially opened its Shanghai-based display materials research and development lab, which focuses on the development of new or improved blend materials for liquid crystal displays produced in China, and is committed to providing higher quality materials and faster for Chinese customers Of the response services to promote the vigorous development of China's display industry.
                                     On the same day, TCL Group announced the company, the company subsidiary Huaxing Optoelectronics, Shenzhen Municipal Economic and Trade Information Commission to be proposed in Shenzhen Guangming New Area jointly developed the 11th generation TFT-LCD and AMOLED new display device production line project (referred to as G11 project). At the same time, in order to promote the G11 project, plans to Huaxing Electronics Shenzhen Huaxing Photoelectric Semiconductor Display Technology Co., Ltd. registered capital of 21 billion yuan, of which Samsung Display Co., Ltd. subscribed 2.1 billion yuan, which holds 9.7674% stake.
                                    With the rise of Beijing Oriental, Shenma A, Huaxing Optoelectronics (TCL subsidiary) and large-scale expansion, China is becoming one of the most important markets in the global display industry.
                                    "Merck in China to establish research and development laboratories means that China shows the market's attention." China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association LCD Secretary Zhang Xinqing said.
                                     Merck China Show Materials Division General Manager Li Junlong said that the new laboratory reflects Merck's attention to the Chinese panel industry, Merck will be in the global technology and human resources continue to bring China to promote the development of China's panel industry.
                                     For the market is highly concerned about the OLED, Merck China Life Sciences and high-performance materials business manager Zhao Fusi (Alasdair Jelfs) and China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association LCD Branch Secretary-General Liang Xinqing said, OLED is the industry's focus on the direction of the show , But still in the initial stage of development, LCD in recent years will still occupy the mainstream market share.
                                     Zhao Fu Si said that from the display technology as a whole, OLED will have a very good application areas, whether it is smart phones or TV panels, Merck also in this area more than 10 years of research and development experience and experience. But it should be noted that, compared with the existing LCD, regardless of the application of the output or specific capacity, OLED is also very different, is still in the early development, the need for more R & D investment.
                                     Liang Xinqing said, OLED technology route is not yet mature, from mass production and application there is still some distance. Liang Xinqing that the market is highly concerned about OLED for two reasons: First, with the LCD market mature, we believe that the technology space is already very small; Second, Samsung's efforts to OLED used in the smart phone and other small screen field. But this technical route is not very mature, especially in large-scale applications. "Samsung shares Huaxing photoelectric that it is optimistic about the LCD, but with the rapid growth of China's panel competitiveness, Samsung can only give up the market, instead of vigorously promote the OLED to form a new growth point." In this regard, Li Junlong said , LCD has a long industrial life, Merck in LCD research and development on the goal is to shorten the response time to 1 millisecond (currently 3 to 4 milliseconds).
                                    In addition, Liang Xinqing that China should pay attention to their own in the high-generation line and large-size panel on the formation of the competitiveness. China should make full use of this advantage, the development of new applications to promote industrial upgrading. It is reported that Japan in the Rio Olympic Games has been promoting the 8K pilot, and to determine the four years after the Jingdong Olympic Games all use 8K play.

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