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Company News >> Large LCD TV panel prices fell again 7th,July,2017
                                           According to the relevant industry statistics, from April to June this year, due to the market continued to show saturation, resulting in 42-inch LCD TV panel prices in early July and late respectively, fell again, 46-inch panel decline more. In April to June to maintain 565 US dollars 42-inch LCD TV panel, in early July and late, respectively, down $ 5, up to 560 US dollars and 555 US dollars, while the 46-inch LCD TV panel, from April 916 US dollars, All the way down to $ 904 in May, $ 883 in June, the average monthly decline of about $ 20. In early July, the downward trend slowed slightly, down only $ 10, to $ 873, but in late July, it fell again to $ 48, up $ 825, indicating a further downturn.
However, 32-inch TV LCD panel prices are on the rise, respectively, from April 295 US dollars, all the way up to 310 dollars in May, 315 US dollars in June, 320 US dollars in early July, the second half is expected There will not be much change. While the price of IT panel with IT rose, the price in July rose by $ 2 to $ 5 compared to the end of June, and the panel prices for 17-inch and 19-inch displays rose $ 5, $ 127 and $ 147, respectively, in June Inch and 15-inch notebook computer panel is increased by 2 ~ 3 US dollars, since April, for four consecutive months showing an upward trend.

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