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Company News >> OLED and LCD panel technology advantages and disadvantages of contrast 27th,Mar,2017
                                                 For display technology, 2016 will be a significant year. With the continued popularity of 4K and HDR and other new features cut a striking figure, the TV can show the viewing experience will be further improved. In the field of mobile phones, the screen resolution of the upgrade also brought a more sophisticated display.
But while we are ready to meet the new technology, there are two kinds of display panel between the types of war is still continuing, that is, LCD and OLED. The former is the most popular display panel type, our common LED TV is actually used with LED backlight LCD panel. While OLEDs are a completely different type of panel, which is currently used primarily in some mobile phones and televisions.
                                       Some people call OLED as a future trend, but is it really better than the LED LCD panel?
                                       LED LCD panel uses a backlight to light the pixels, and OLED pixels can be independent of the light. In this way, OLED panel brightness can be achieved by pixel-by-pixel control, which is LED LCD can not do.
                                       In some cheap TV and LCD screen phone, LED LCD used in the LED backlight is actually in the side of the display rather than rear, they will be issued by the light and red light blue pixels arrived in our glasses. Therefore, LED LCD panel brightness control is limited. When in a dark environment, you will find that it shows black is not pure black.
OLED vs LED & LCD: Which screen technology is superior
                                       OLED panel in the display of pure black is not issued any light, so its contrast can reach infinity, and a good quality LCD panel contrast may be only 1000: 1. The LCD TV marked "dynamic" contrast is generally much higher than this value, it is because it refers to the TV screen content based on the ability to adjust the level of backlight, not the actual contrast.
Some LED LCD panels can actually achieve near-OLED contrast, such as direct-type LED. This panel's LED backlight is placed directly on the back of the LCD, resulting in more accurate brightness control. This type of panel is generally only high-end TV will be used, but the effect is good and bad.
                                        It is worth noting that direct LED TV can only control a certain "area" or group, still can not achieve OLED pixel level control. When you watch a 21: 9 movie on a 16: 9 TV, the straight down LED handles the black side of the screen well, but it does not work well when dealing with those more complex tasks, such as When a bright object is displayed in a dark background, you will see a halo effect because the backlight area does not exactly match the screen content.

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