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Company News >> Production capacity growth is not break, LCD panel continued large size 25th,July,2017
                                        According to the International Data Information (IDC) global hardware assembly research team research shows that the global LCD panel industry capacity continues to grow, panel board competition between the more intense, so that panel makers will be more actively promote the LCD panel size, re-looking for industry positioning and orientation Value-added forward.
IDC's global hardware assembly research team market analyst Chen Jian said that from the overall market, Samsung (Samsung) L6 and L7-1 plant closed, although the existing capacity is slightly lower, but still continue to have new production capacity, such as the mainland Huike's 8.5 generation and 8.6 generation plant production, BOE 8.5 generation plant production line, and Huaxing photoelectric 10.5 generation plant continued to open the factory, it is easy to see the panel industry capacity continues to grow.
Chen said that from 2015 to 2020, the global LCD panel capacity compound annual growth rate of about 7%, in other words, an average increase of 6.1 New York Central Park, by 2020 the total capacity area will be more than 370 square kilometers, The size of the 110 New York Central Park; estimated three-year capacity growth rate of up to Samsung Display (SDC) in 2015 the total capacity, to fully consume these new capacity, large size panel average size by 2020 A substantial increase of 12 inches. In other words, the future of LCD panel size will become more obvious.
On the other hand, as the panel market competition becomes more and more intense, its industry competition is more polarized. Large panel makers offer a range of price-competitive large-size panel product lines that enable smaller panels to focus on the production of one or two large-size LCD application panels. In the future panel production capacity continued out, the industry more competitive trend, the panel factory will change the operational strategy to find development orientation.
Chen Jian further explained that some leading manufacturers, such as BOE, which has a good production capacity, and thus effectively drive the cost of each panel down, so that competitive advantage, resulting in increasingly competitive advantages between industries, making the smaller and less capital Of the panel factory, and gradually turned to the production of one or two large panels, such as notebook computers (NB) or flat panel computer panels. Therefore, the future may be a bipolar competition, one is high productivity, with a multi-product line; the other is the lower capacity, and no price competitive advantage, will turn to the development of one or two LCD panel, or Is a high quality product.
On the other hand, in the panel factory profit-oriented and brand demand, the TV panel (LCD TV Panel) is still a larger size and high resolution as the development focus, which TV panel average size will grow two years two years, 2017 The average size of the TV will be more than 44 inches; while large-size TV panel trends will also drive high-resolution panel shipments rapid growth.
Chen Jian help revealed that the larger the TV panel size, relatively speaking, the higher the resolution, and then drive the 4K resolution technology development. So the future 4K UHD will accelerate growth, the future will have a high annual compound growth rate, such as the two years of annual revenue growth rate (YOY), also have nearly 50%. It is expected that every three TV panels in 2017 will have a resolution of 4K UHD and a growth rate of 47% in 2017.
Compared to the TV panel, the monitor panel (LCD Monitor Panel), although the average panel size and resolution continues to grow, but the total downturn in shipments trend, making the panel factory to introduce more new technology, the pursuit of the monitor screen panel (21: 9 Ultrawide), high-speed screen refresh rate (High Frame Rate), high dynamic range (High Dynamic Range) and other four major technical attention With the application.

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