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Company News >> Plug-in TDDI technology and OLED panel, NOR Flash prices will be endless throughout the year 31
                                       The latest research by the global market research firm, the state's research, has led to a significant increase in the number of smartphones equipped with AMOLED panels this year, as well as the increase in NOR Flash capacity for TDDI technology, and the decline in supply of major suppliers such as Micron, , Resulting in this year NOR Flash due to lack of capacity and the emergence of price bounce situation, NOR Flash is expected to appear at least 5% per quarter increase, the rally will continue until the end of the year.
TrendForce pointed out that the observation of the supply side, the most high-end NOR Flash products by Micron, Cypress supply, supply capacity of 64Mb, 128Mb, Winbond, Wang Hong Zeyi NOR Flash midrange product supply, supply 16Mb, 32Mb, 64Mb products , And trillion easy to provide more for the low-end products, supply capacity of 512kb, 1 ~ 2Mb. Cyprus accounted for 25% of the market share, ranking first, Wang Hong market share of 24%, ranking ranking, Micron market share of 18%, ranked third.
In the past, the company was able to sell products on the market at very low prices. However, due to the shift of its wafer supplier strategy, it affected the number of wafer products Trillion easy innovation capacity decline.

On the other hand, the international manufacturers Micron, Cypress has gradually fade out of the low-capacity NOR Flash market, Cypress's strategy to focus on the automotive and regulations in the market, and Micron will sell its 8-inch plant will also affect the overall NOR Flash Market supply.
Watch NOR Flash demand side, AMOLED panel demand bullish, NOR Flash market to bring new demand momentum. TrendForce pointed out that the demand for AMOLED panel in the past two years continue to bullish, panel shipments for the first time last year exceeded 300 million mark, this year in the iPhone officially adopted AMOLED panel driven, AMOLED panel shipments have the opportunity to 500 million Large-scale growth.
In addition, due to the higher threshold of AMOLED panel technology, batch yield may be inconsistent situation, the panel plant will be more through the De-Mura function to maintain the same batch of output panel display quality consistency. But De-mura code can not be integrated into the current high-pressure process to produce the driver IC, you must also plug a NOR Flash to store the De-Mura function required code. So when the AMOLED panel demand surge, NOR Flash demand is bound to jump simultaneously.
On the other hand, the development of TDDI IC for some time, in the touch function into the driver IC at the same time, but also subject to the functional requirements of the touch function quantization larger, can not be integrated into the TDDI IC, while To be a plug-in NOR Flash as a storage touch function required for the sub-coding. In most of the TDDI IC program has been in place in the second half of last year, TrendForce expected this year with TDDI IC In Cell panel shipments will be greatly improved, the penetration rate from 2016 to 5% continued to upgrade to 10% in 2017, Simultaneously push up the demand for NOR Flash.

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