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Company News >> LCD wall down all push mobile phone manufacturers have to take the OLED supply supply affordable? 1st,August,2017
                                       Although Samsung has numerous OLED screen production line, but still can not meet the needs of all manufacturers all over the world, high-quality OLED must first meet the needs of their own high-end products, but also wait on another king - Apple.
Apple has always been an LCD lovers, ye suddenly abandoned to switch to OLED? The news shocked a public Andrews equipment manufacturers, TV manufacturers relieved: Fortunately, Apple has not yet started a comprehensive TV. To know that Apple in the supply chain, but the name of the well-managed genius, met good technology and good small and medium enterprises, the words of the acquisition, Samsung is so big OLED Empire Apple is swallowed, but grab orders Or a piece of cake. This means that from the beginning of this year most of the high-end OLED screen will be occupied by Samsung and Apple, other Andrews manufacturers can only continue to digest the previous generation or even the last two generations of product inventory. "You first use the material before and think of ways to help sell, the performance of good talk about further cooperation" - Samsung father said amiable.
LCD wall down all push mobile phone manufacturers have to take the OLED supply supply affordable?
The background finished again talk about the exact advantages of OLED screen, OLED this guy most of the place is not the need for backlight module, relatively simple screen structure can be the thickness of the terminal equipment to move out of more room for improvement, it often In front of the LCD to boast the advantages of nothing more than that: the ultra-thin, power, wide color gamut, can be curved, wide viewing angle.
LCD has been playing defensive warfare, it is the most reliable two shield is "cheap" and "long life", and in the smart phone on the terminal, due to limited screen size and subject to resolution, LCD screen pixels Arranged more than OLED "close", which in turn derived a new shield of the LCD - fine degree. However, in 2017, 2K resolution OLED screen will gradually be used by more manufacturers, although this year's mobile phone industry song prices, but as long as the material quality, product price, pay hundreds of dollars this matter users or Willingly. This way, LCD this shield has not covered its heat for two years to crack off.
OLED relative to the LCD several major advantages inside, the most scrambling undoubtedly "power", because the OLED self-luminous feature is a lot of manufacturers aiming at the big blow and blowing, marketing too hard, resulting in a lot of users really think that OLED Screen than LCD power a lot of illusion. In fact, this power is a prerequisite to show the length of the black screen is the key, and full of randomness, I have done dozens of mobile phone experience video, life test done dozens of times, OLED screen really Must be more than LCD power. Well, on this dimension I think the LCD is a defensive success.

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