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Company News >> Peng Shuanglang: LCD display is still the most competitive future 2nd,August,2017
                                      Recent active organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) display technology is widely discussed, but I think, AMOLED development prospects are overtaken, regardless of its useful life, even if the cost and quality of the discussion, the current global display industry mainstream technology LCD is the most competitive.
IHS Markit estimates that demand for AMOLED panels is growing rapidly for smartphones and televisions, and this year's global AMOLED shipments are expected to soar by 63 percent to $ 25.2 billion; that is, AMOLED will Challenge LCD long-term dominate the global leader in display technology.
But I do not agree with the above forecast, AMOLED TV development for so many years, the global TV market share is still less than one percent last year, the market share of less than 0.5 percent, and AMOLED TV every year to say Growth, but not a year to achieve the goal.
Since AMOLED TV so hot, so hot the world, why not the world's second AMOLED TV panel production line investment? And the development of so many years, AMOLED TV market share how such low?
This is the AMOLED display technology is overcharged, AMOLED is a need for high, smashing big money investment in the display technology, which is destined to its cost and price is too high. In contrast, LCD technology is not only mature, and the investment of manufacturers is very large, can form economies of scale, resulting in cost and price fell sharply, therefore, LCD is the most cost competitive technology.
In addition to the cost, LCD quality and AMOLED compared favorably, especially in recent years, LCD through the development of quantum dots (QD) technology, LCD TV color saturation to further enhance its color performance will not lose to AMOLED , Coupled with the LCD can also be a full plane, surface and ultra-thin body, plus 4K, or even 8K ultra-high resolution.
Can be seen, LCD screen quality, color and resolution, or the appearance and shape of the TV, compared with AMOLED is not inferior, but the same size LCD TV price than AMOLED TV people. Therefore, LCD long-term dominate the global TV market, the future also has the advantage, AMOLED TV development for many years, long-term market share is low, can also be explained here.

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