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Company News >> Panel supply growth OLED wallpaper TV stolen home appliance market 4th,August,2017
                                       Apple will soon launch a new generation of mobile phones with OLED screen, Skyworth also to OLED TV "Tim to the fire." Recently, Skyworth released a TV with the future form of Wallpaper (wallpaper) OLED TV.
Wallpaper TV positioning high-end market, 65-inch product pricing 99999 yuan, this week began in the major online channels to accept pre-sale. Skyworth Group CEO Liu Tong said that the next three or five years OLED screen popular in the mobile phone will be in full swing, the next step will be popular OLED TV.
Wallpaper TV using OLED self-luminous, flexible features, the thickness of the screen again compressed, ultra-thin as paper, attached to the wall like a fresco; body break limit, and T-con board, power, chip, audio and other separation, the first Seamless Adsorption of the screen body.
Insiders pointed out that the current Chinese home appliance market has become saturated, coupled with the impact of the emerging Internet brand, the traditional household electrical appliance enterprises and then difficult to move forward. Coupled with the economic background of the factors, the appliance industry is expected to face no major challenges in 2017.
"In 2017, there are a lot of uncertainties in terms of the global economy and the domestic real estate," said CEO Liu Tianyi, CEO of Skyworth Group. In 2016, the entire industry supply chain, like roller coaster, included until now that the aftermath of the entire supply chain End, 65-inch panel is still price increases.
Packaging materials, bulk raw materials rose on the industry is a bad news, panel prices rose objectively curbed consumption. Industry costs continue to rise, but the terminal price can not continue to rise.
Each brand and the whole industry are improving the structure, in the high-end product level to promote the stability of the price. "Only the technology upgrade to bring new opportunities for industry breakthrough.OLED will eventually achieve the replacement of the LCD." Liu Tongzhu that.
"OLEDs not only achieve the best picture quality, but also because of the characteristics of self-luminous, and can be more applications in the infinite expansion and potential, will change our way of life." LGDisplay CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Lv Xiangde said. At present, LGD is the world's only one large supplier of OLED TV.
Undeniably, compared to liquid crystal, OLED structure is more simple, coupled with thin, flexible and other characteristics, the shape of unlimited imagination. For example, can be made of wallpaper, screens, etc., so as to truly form a differentiated competition with the LCD TV.
It is reported that more and more manufacturers have joined the OLED TV camp, including LG, Skyworth, Konka, Changhong, Philips, Panasonic, Sony seven companies.
It is noteworthy that the upstream OLED TV panel supply is also growing this year. In 2016, OLED TV panel supply of about 850,000, this year will reach more than 1.5 million.
Ovid's data show that from January to February this year, domestic OLED TV sales doubled. However, 1.5 million relative to the global more than 200 million TV sales a year, the proportion is not large.
With the technical update and industry maturity, OLED TV prices will gradually cut, but relative to the LCD TV and quantum dots TV, OLED prices are still high. But Liu Tongzhu that this year is a breakthrough in technology and cost a larger year, if the new product pricing in the same type of product within 1.5 times, easy to popularize.
And nearly six months of liquid crystal screen compensatory growth, but also from the side to promote OLED sales. Capacity point of view, at present only LG's display company LGDisplay large quantities of large-size screen, the domestic BOE is still a small batch production stage, the domestic enterprises in the production process, the remaining bottleneck.

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