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Company News >> OLED and LCD advantage contrast, who's more cost-effective? 4th,August,2017
                                First of all, the most worthy of the advantages, of course, OLED TV is the black bit performance. The so-called black bit performance, simply is the black TV can be how black. At this point, it is strange to be able to turn off each pixel completely if the OLED screen is not the winner. Of course, some of the LCD TV also has regional dimming technology, but this is still not as good as OLED black bit performance so delicate, not perfect black. Even the first echelon of LCD TV, some "halo" phenomenon is still inevitable.
Then finished black bit is sure to mention the contrast again. The so-called contrast is a TV in the brightest and darkest between the two extremes can do the difference. OLED is the winner, because it can bring the absolute performance of the dark, and in a very bright scene also has excellent performance. Contrast is one of the most important attributes for quality standards, and it makes the picture more realistic.
Just mentioned the LCD TV backlight, which also led to its uniformity in the light of the performance may be poor, that is, the brightness of the screen is not uniform everywhere. At this point, the side-light backlight system is particularly evident, and even the edge of the phenomenon of light leakage. OLED at this point on the performance better, but not perfect, especially the early OLED TV will have some of the screen area looks darker problem. In addition, OLED screen made of a surface to a certain extent, will lead to uneven problems.
Then a major strength of OLED is a viewing angle, in fact, this is one of the weaknesses of LCD TV. OLED TV regardless of the multi-polar point of view in the past, brightness and color will not be significantly degraded, but the LCD TV can not do this. Although some LCD TVs use a panel with better off-axis display technology, the cost is that their contrast will be relatively low.

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