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Company News >> The face of LCD / OLED / laser technology, MicroLED can win? 7th,August,2017
                                   Micro LED (micro-LED display) structure is a miniaturized LED array, which is the LED structure design for thinning, miniaturization and array, so that the size of the current mainstream LED size of 1%, each pixel are Can be addressed, driven by a separate light, the distance from the original pixel level down to the micron level.
Micro LED advantages include low power consumption, high brightness, high resolution and color saturation, fast response, ultra-saving, longer life, higher efficiency, the power consumption of about 10% of the LCD, OLED 50 %. In addition, with better material stability and no image imprinting is also one of the advantages of Micro LED. Therefore, it is regarded as a new generation of display technology. Also because of its appearance, it was asserted that Micro LED future will replace the small pitch LED.
So, Micro LED really may replace the small pitch?
From the technical application, the small pitch display mainly take the traditional LED packaging process, the current high-end specifications of about 0.8mm, the size limit may fall at 0.5mm, compared to Micro LED can be from 0.3mm or 0. 25mm began mass production, and even further development to 10x10 microns, at first glance Micro LED does have a greater than the small margin of the technical advantages. However, the development of any technology, from birth to maturity, requires a certain amount of time to precipitate. Although the 2018 Mirco LED has the opportunity to enter mass production, but the initial scale is limited, is expected to explosive growth will be 2 to 3 years later.
From the market side, the past small pitch LED is mainly used in studios, conference centers, museum cultural relics show, airports, businesses and high-end commercial sites, and the current small pitch has been applied to a wider range of commercial areas, such as: , Advertising machine, window screen and so on. Since 2016, the domestic packaging plant has rapidly increased the production of 1010 lamp beads, many manufacturers have been able to mass production 0808 small pitch packaging devices. Domestic and foreign packaging plant also began to P1.6, P1.2, P1, or even P0.7 pitch display technology. This undoubtedly led the LED ultra-high-definition display market growth, P2.0 for the following spacing to show the product market changes. With the continuous breakthrough of small pitch technology, its application in the field of digital signage will be more and more widely, the future into the VA / AR field and the theater system has also been no problem.
According to this point of view, said Micro LED will be replaced by a small distance is too arbitrary. Whether it is a small pitch, or Micro LED, which is not who to replace the problem. Small pitch and Micro LED compared to the two in fact have their own advantages and disadvantages. Small distance after so many years of development, both the technology and the market are already very mature, and Micro LED in the ascendant, want to get the market recognition, need to wait for time to test, the future there is still a long way to go. The current small distance is from the high-end applications to the "100 billion level" of the civilian market, the future Micro LED with its technical advantages, it is likely in the high-end display this area occupy a place.

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