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Company News >> JDI challenges OLED panels with new LCD technology 10th,August,2017
                                       As Apple (Apple) plans to use OLED panel after 2017, but also to switch to the OLED panel; but plans to invest in OLED panel of the Japanese display (JDI), now with the latest ultra-narrow border LCD panel Technology, and flexible LCD panel technology to challenge OLED panels.

Japan monitor president of the charge and the president has He Xiu two, in November 2016 earnings report said that the display industry is now the transformation period, and liquid crystal display technology there is no small room for growth, and that 2016 August the company's LCD technology has been substantial progress, marketing is also quite successful. The two sides of the LCD panel technology with confidence in the speech, so that the outside is quite curious.
OLED is considered the next generation of display, the main reason in the thin and flexible, and picture quality and picture contrast are more excellent. But the OLED display panel production costs are 2 to 10 times the LCD panel, and the service life is still short and so no problem.
And with Panasonic introduced a new high-contrast LCD technology, more thin and flexible liquid crystal display panel technology, as well as practical OLED panel but also the problem of backlight and irreversible, but also think of once considered to replace the LCD Panel of the plasma panel, and finally because of the cost can not reduce the problem, but was the LCD panel out of the past.
For the Japanese display, the more convincing factors, is the manufacturer's orders, such as the mainland mobile phone factory Oppo, in the first half of 2016 to launch OLED panel phone, but found in Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics) OLED panel supply Capacity and reliability are limited, the Japanese monitor to order more than 10 million of the LCD panel for the plant's new mobile phone use.
And the Japanese display of the new narrow frame mobile phone with a liquid crystal display, the border width of less than 1 mm, so that two open side by side, the impact of the border on the visual effects, than before the use of similar products, such as Enyi Jubilee (NEC) Smart phones, to be more pleasing to the eye, folding screen mobile phone technology significantly increased the possibility.
Then the Japanese monitor also plans to launch in 2017 bending LCD screen, and in 2018 ~ 2019 to make flexible LCD screen come out, although the progress than the already listed curved OLED screen, and may be listed in 2017 flexible OLED screen late for about 2 years, taking into account the high cost of OLED problems are not so fast to solve, the LCD panel is not necessarily behind the market.
Although the Japanese display has not given up the production of OLED panels, but the progress of new LCD panel technology, so that the Japanese display panel decided to change to LCD panel as the main investment direction, OLED panel production line to see the degree of cooperation to help manufacturers. Plasma and LCD panel war results, will the OLED and LCD panel war to reproduce, it is worth observing.

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