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Company News >> Large size chase a single strong Taiwan LCD driver IC 3Q operating hi 11th,August,2017
                                           Thanks to the cross-strait TFT panel factory began to feel the third season of the traditional season season effect, for TV, NB and LCD monitor new goods began to pull large-size panel of the urgent single gift, plus the second quarter of 2016 due to the earthquake in Taiwan Cargo small and medium size panel orders, is also expected in the third quarter completely fill the previous shortfall in demand.
In the TFT panel offer potential is still bullish after the occasion, the downstream foundry and brand operators continue to pull goods movements, but also led Taiwan LCD driver IC supplier orders in the third quarter visibility outlook, comprehensive look up. Including the Wing Wing, Wonderland, Dun Tai, Yi Li, Tianyu, Silicon and Jinghong have recently to the upstream wafer factory to increase the order of the action appears, in the ammunition ready, Taiwan LCD driver IC suppliers third Quarter business growth prospects can not be underestimated.
Taiwan-based LCD driver IC suppliers generally said that in the second quarter, TV product customers have been the first step for the third quarter of Brazilian Rio Olympic stocking, when the low-end smart phone emergency single also continue to lead the second quarter performance growth Quarter of more than 20%, looking forward to the third quarter, in the NB, LCD monitor customers have begun to join the ranks of stocking, the global large-size LCD driver IC market demand for continuous heating.
Plus the second half of 2016 Apple (Apple), the Android camp is still the new mobile phone will come out, medium and small size LCD driver IC order visibility is still hot, customers in the third quarter orders continue to go down, is expected in the third quarter Revenue growth rate is still up to double digits or more, another 2016 single month, a single quarter of the new high opportunities.
In fact, TFT panel offer in the 32nd quarter of the slow heating, and the prospects for the third quarter bullish, this wave LCD driver IC orders continue to rise the driving force behind the cross-strait TFT panel factory busy shipments, LCD driver IC As a key component, of course, need to prepare, ready.
Compared to the second quarter, small size LCD driver IC's urgent effect, driven by Tintai, Silicon, wonders and crystal macro and other Taiwan-based IC design company in the second quarter results leading, large size TFT panel shipments also Began to grow steadily, and the need for more LCD driver IC prospects, will be expected to appear in the chase chow chowing effect, the third quarter revenue growth is estimated to be between 15 to 20%, a rejection of the previous South Korea Department of OLED panel module erosion of high-end mobile phone LCD driver IC market share of the shadow.
Taiwan LCD driver IC manufacturers pointed out that with the TV, NB, smart phones used in new panel size, there are still more with the greater design trends, but the global TFT panel plant capacity expansion rate and amplitude, subject to the capital market Hot OLED panel application prospects, but let each TFT panel plant expansion action a bit stagnant, in the third quarter of 2016 global TFT panel market supply and demand approaching balance, the price is easy to rise or fall situation has been shocked From the downstream customers active stocking mentality.
To further boost the terminal TFT panel offer in the LCD driver IC order visibility has always been the same as the TFT panel offer synchronous changes in the case of the third quarter of the order of a comprehensive heating action, Taiwan LCD driver IC design industry has been swallowed ahead of the operation Growing reassurance.

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