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Company News >> The iPhone 7 is the best of the LCD monitors that have been tested 16th,Aug,2017
                                 Display Mate Technologies pointed out that the iPhone 7 LCD monitor resolution, although the same with the iPhone 6, but supports a wider gamut standard DCI-P3, can present accurate 4K images, color accuracy may be the highest in their tested display , Plus a higher brightness to improve the phone in the sun under the display.
DisplayMate Technologies, which specializes in a variety of screens, recently pointed out that the iPhone 7 display looks similar to the previous two generations of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, but in fact, whether it's color accuracy, power, brightness, contrast, reflection or perspective On the performance of what they have been testing the action of the LCD monitor the best.
Apple's iPhone 7 released this year and the iPhone6 ​​released in 2014 with the same display with 1334x750 resolution, DisplayMate to Verizon Wireless to buy a new generation of iPhone 7, and started to monitor the display and found it brought a stunning The improvement.
DisplayMate pointed out that most of the mobile display only supports a single color gamut, including previous generations of iPhone, but iPhone 7 also supports two important color gamble standards, including the traditional sRGB / Rec.709, and the latest and wider Of DCI-P3, which means it can accurately present all the new generation of 4K images. As the iPhone 7 with Retina display, in the normal viewing distance there is a perfect color, so no need to support 4K resolution.

At this stage only three manufacturers in the mobile phone or tablet computer using the DCI-P3 color gamut, and for today's major competitive advantage, DisplayMate called other industry should catch up as soon as possible.
In addition, the iPhone7 display has a peak brightness of 602 nits and is the highest of the smartphones tested by DisplayMate; when the Auto Brightness feature is enabled, it exhibits a brightness of 705 nits in bright light. A wider gamut and brighter display will significantly improve the display availability and readability of the display.
DisplayMate also appreciates the absolute color accuracy of the iPhone 7 display is likely to be the best of all the monitors they have tested, whether it's mobile monitors, screens, televisions, or ultra-high quality televisions than iPhone 7, IPhone 7 will be able to see the most correct color.
The other record set by the iPhone 7 display also includes a very accurate contrast and intensity of the image, the highest contrast among all IPS LCD displays, the lowest screen reflection in the smartphone display, and the smallest color difference in the viewing angle The From a variety of measurement standards are consistent with the performance of first-class display.
However, iPhone7 may be Apple's last mobile phone with an LCD display, because Apple will switch to next year will be more thin, more responsive and have a better perspective OLCD screen, iPhone's exterior design will be a substantial renovation.
IPhone 7 parts cost $ 220: higher than iPhone6s
Apple CEO Tim Cook has always liked the speculation of iOS product parts production costs, but the well-known dismantling analysis agency IHS MarKit is year after year to bring us a new iPhone cost analysis. IHS said in a report today that they dismantling that 32GB iPhone 7 parts cost $ 220.80, compared with the cost of parts of the iPhone 6s rose $ 36.89.
The main reason for the rising costs is that Apple has raised the initial capacity of the iPhone 7 (16GB to 32 GB), while using Taptic Engine technology and better camera, including front and rear.
As with previous models, the IPS LCD display is still the most expensive part of the iPhone 7, about $ 43, followed by Intel modems and other baseband chipsets at a total cost of about $ 33.9. Apple's own research and development of quad-core A10 Fusion processing chip costs about $ 26.90, after the upgrade of the front camera and rear camera costs and about $ 19.90.
The sum of the cost of electromechanical components, including Taptic Engine, Antenna, Connectors, Microphones, Stereo Speakers, is approximately $ 16.70. IPhone 7 2GB running memory chip from Samsung, and 32GB flash memory chip from Hynix, the cost of these two chips and about 16.40 dollars. Worth mentioning is the iPhone 7 battery, although its capacity increased to 1920 mAh, but the cost only need 2.5 US dollars.
There is also a figure, if coupled with the cost of assembly, then the cost of iPhone 7 will increase to $ 225.80. In other words, the cost of assembling a new iPhone is only about $ 5.

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