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Company News >> OLED market accounted for the LCD to expand the good days of the end of it? 29th,August,2017
                                       LCD panel market in the second quarter of this year, the trend of reversing the trend, after six months, and finally let some of the product structure to meet the market panel enterprises began to improve performance. According to the mobile phone reported online observation, nearly half of the products which are in high-end and low-end products, the price rebounded more quickly, and in the end of the class of products, the price recovery rate is not ideal, and some even remain on the profit and loss line.
Taiwan panel companies and South Korea's LGD in recent years in the field of TV panels, to take the mainland enterprises to avoid mold specifications strategy, the product to avoid 32-inch and 55-inch ordinary products, concentrated production of 39 inches to 43 inches of products, and the use of limited Of the production capacity to produce some multi-mask and high-standard products, such as 55-inch 4K specifications of the product. Thus achieving a better price advantage. And the production of the same specifications category of Samsung, Panasonic and just in the near future the actual closure of these production capacity, so that the same product camp Taiwan panel companies and South Korea LGD production capacity quickly repaired.
But in the OLED TV, because the entire industry is still LGD alone, the market growth rate is not ideal, but has become a drag on the current LGD.
In contrast, the mainland China panel panel production capacity is relatively concentrated 32-inch and 55-inch general specifications products, production capacity is still in the upward expansion stage, although the market price has risen, but the price increase than 39 inches to 43 inches The product is slightly lower. But because the efficiency of the mainland panel enterprises higher cost, so the loss rate faster than the Taiwan panel companies and LGD.
In the field of mobile phone panels, there have been similar phenomena. Another main panel of Taiwan's panel panel business Caijing, benefit from CPT production with the specifications of the product, as well as deep product specifications upgrade, resulting in the market low-end mobile phone panel production capacity is relatively scarce, so that the production of color crystal by the market Favored. Since the second quarter, Caijing has not only quickly digested the inventory accumulated in previous years, until October, its shipping prices are higher than the highest price level last year, the performance is very bright.
In addition, AUO, group of production capacity to focus on the in-cell products and ultra-thin high-definition mobile phone panel products, sales prices have rebounded to the break-even line. LGD is limited by the local service capabilities, to stop the expansion in the mobile phone LCD panel, began to try to supply OLED mobile phone panel to the Chinese brand manufacturers. And Samsung exclusive supply of OLED mobile phone panel prices continue to maintain a slower price reduction, profit levels are basically stable.
However, the Chinese mainland panel manufacturers and Japan JDI, Sharp, LGD and other manufacturers relatively concentrated production capacity of the conventional LTPS FHD product prices, market price improvement is not satisfactory. But Japan JDI, Sharp, LGD produced with the current market Samsung OLED specifications similar products, the market price comparison now think.
From the industry to disclose the latest information to see the results, which AU Optronics announced in October since the combination and revenue of NT $ 30.44 billion, growth of 0.7%, an increase of 4.3%. According to AUO statistics, the overall large-size panel shipments in October, including LCD TVs, desktop monitors, and notebook panels more than 940 million, compared with September to reduce 4.8%. October small and medium size panel shipments of about 11.59 million, compared with September to reduce 10.9%. In the same volume of shipments, the unit price and overall revenue have risen.
LCD price repair, but also to LGD operating profit in the previous quarter reached 323 billion won (about 1.92 billion yuan), down 3%. However, the segment business, the industry is expected to its loss of about 60 billion won (about 356 million yuan) of its OLED business, its LCD business profit of about 380 billion won (about 2.26 billion yuan).
And Caijing since the end of October revenue of NT $ 9,192.66 million, an increase of 11.32%, an increase of 140.70%; cumulative 1 - 10 months revenue of NT 17.77423 million yuan, compared with the same period last year increased by 20.62 %.
Although the price of the entire LCD market is in the repair, but the market is not very optimistic, in addition to LGD's LCD business profitability, the Chinese panel enterprises began to turn around, the Taiwan panel business's main business goals or annual performance losses The
Compared to other panel plant production capacity is stable or reduced, the mainland panel manufacturers are almost all efforts to expand the production capacity of the production line. TCL has just released the contents of the announcement on the show, Huaxing photoelectric LCD glass substrate this month, the amount of 277 million pieces (t1 production line and t2 production line total), an increase of 36.8%; cumulative 1 to 10 months cast film The amount of 2.287 million, an increase of 49.58%. Compared to its previous quarter earnings can be found, product prices did not return to the level of a year ago, TV panel.
And the end of this year to the beginning of next year, not only in mainland China's new TV panel line began to pay off the volume, the mainland and Taiwan's new LTPS mobile phone panel line, such as AUO Kunshan, group hit Taiwan, China Star Wuhan, Tianma Xiamen is also active Of the production capacity of climbing, large quantities of product supply will be concentrated in the next year's first and second quarter. Industry analysis, if these production capacity can not be digested by the terminal brand, then the LCD market price rally next year, will soon be the end, and even unfortunate encounter mainland mobile phone and TV market, then the next year, the panel business may not be good next year Day off

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