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Company News >> Difficult to cross the high wall: OLED mobile phone panel Samsung dominate 20th,Sep,2017
                                       Is considered the current amorphous silicon (s-Si) panel access to the new technology OLED (active organic light-emitting diode), Apple announced in 2017 will be used after the OLED panel battleground, the market surging into the OLED panel The layout.
Difficult to cross the high wall: OLED mobile phone panel Samsung dominate
As OLED thin, self-luminous, flexible, high color and contrast, coupled with energy saving, many high-end mobile phones are using OLED panel related products, mainly in China's mobile phone industry, such as Huawei and ZTE.
According to IHS survey, the overall demand for mobile phone market in the first quarter, OLED mobile phone panel demand is still strong, shipments rose to 78 million, once again set a historical record, an increase of 63% over the same period last year. Samsung monitors in technology, investment, yield and other aspects continue to lead, to maintain its dominant position, almost swept all the OLED panel orders, as the biggest beneficiaries.
Although Apple's next-generation smartphone iPhone, which will be in 2017 to change the OLED display panel, South Korea's Samsung Samsung monitor and LG display, has foreseen the OLED a better future, dropping the development of heavy technology, other countries, including Taiwan Industry, including fear will form a difficult to go beyond the walls.
As the Chinese mobile phone brands such as OPPO, vivo, Huawei and other brands in 2015 have imported OLED models. In particular, OPPO and vivo, in its high-end products by the LTPS in-cell products fully switch to the OLED panel to obtain supply protection, but also for the Samsung display into a strong external order needs.
2015, China's top ten mobile phone brand research shows, OLED mobile phone shipments accounted for has reached 10%, and with the Samsung display overweight and OPPO, vivo growing, 2016 is expected to further increase to 15 %, The Chinese brand appeal to OLED in early 2016 was unusually strong.
OLED panel is currently the main supplier for the Samsung display, IHS pointed out that OLED panel is currently dominated by a Samsung monitor, the first quarter of this year, Samsung electronic orders accounted for Samsung display AMOLED shipments accounted for 73.7%. Samsung's OLED orders because of the large scale, there is no other brand can replace, so have a certain priority.
IHS pointed out that even if the demand for the overall mobile phone market in the first quarter of this year, but OLED mobile phone panel demand, shipments rose to 87 million, still re-set the historical record, an increase of 63%, including Samsung display technology, investment , Yield and other aspects of a comprehensive lead, almost swept all the OLED panel orders, as the biggest beneficiaries.
The future with other industry, especially the Chinese industry-intensive OLED panel, even if the millet is about to be listed in the second half of the new products used and glow and LG's OLED panel, the overall market is still dominated by Samsung.
Just as other manufacturers to invest, the current Samsung display exclusive OLED market will gradually loose, and ushered in a new change.

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