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Company News >> Domestic TFT-LCD panel to invest in tropical panels to overcapacity? 10th,Oct,2017
                                           Recently, BOE Chongqing 8.5 generation of new semiconductor display devices and systems projects officially started construction is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2015, not only BOE, domestic panel enterprises have accelerated the pace of expansion of production capacity.
According to BOE introduction, the project uses Oxide TFT (oxide thin film transistor), touch, ADSDS wide viewing angle and other Beijing independent core technology, the total investment 32.8 billion yuan, will be completed after the production of notebook computers, Tablet PC, high-end display with Display module, touch screen and TV machine.
In addition to the above-mentioned BOE just started the construction of Chongqing new semiconductor display device production line, the fourth quarter of this year, the BOE Ordos 5.5 generation AMOLED production line and Hefei 8.5 generation line will be put into production. BOE Vice President Zhang Yu said that when the BOE capacity will be ranked fifth in the world.
Accelerated to expand capacity of the domestic panel business is not just BOE, after the CLP has been established with the Japanese Sharp cooperation in Nanjing, the establishment of 8.5-generation LCD panel and module joint venture. Recently, the news that the Starlight in the future large size and new technology on the layout of the 8.5-generation line two projects, the total investment or will reach 24 billion yuan, the project has been submitted to the trial, is the relevant government departments for approval. The news that the second phase of the project has been improved, including the oxide semiconductor and AMOLED, can produce 24,32,42,55,60,98 larger size products, and 55-inch OLED display.
The industry is expected, domestic high-generation LCD panel line will be formed by 2015 large-scale production capacity, is expected to 8-generation line above the panel factory up to 8, and is expected to continue to increase to 10. NPD DisplaySearch predicts that by the end of 2015 domestic TFT-LCD panel production accounts for the global market share will reach 23% in the fourth quarter of last year this figure is 12%.
        Chongqing 8.5 on behalf of the line: BOE layout of the future show a key step
        China's LCD panel enterprises in the overall profit situation, recently, China has two 8.5-generation line on the agenda: China Electronics and Sharp set up a joint venture company, build capacity of 60,000 / month 8.5 on behalf of the line; Beijing Oriental Chongqing 8.5 Line officially started, with an annual capacity of 40 million, two 8.5-generation line is expected to put into production in June 2015. The two high-generation LCD panel production line, once again pushed the LCD industry to the cusp of public opinion, LCD production capacity is surplus, a new generation of display technology, how to layout and other topics once again mentioned.
July 17, BOE Chongqing 8.5 generation of new semiconductor display project started. With the construction of the project put into operation, BOE product line to further enrich the production capacity also will be further expanded. "In the first half of 2013, BOE's profitability and technological innovation capacity are among the world's leading companies in the field of semiconductor display, and has a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of semiconductor display, with the world's leading technology and operations management capabilities. We have the confidence and ability to rely on years of accumulated experience in independent technology and project management, the project will be built into the most global competitive production line. "BOE Group Chairman Wang Dongsheng in Chongqing 8.5 generation of new semiconductor display project start ceremony Say. There is confidence, have the ability, but also have the funds, the market, but also profitable, sustainable development, BOE Chongqing 8.5 generation line project started, once again the BOE and China flat panel display industry pushed to the cusp of public opinion, "excess capacity "," New technology alternative "two" cliché "problem once again mentioned.

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