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Company News >> The advent of soft, flexible fluid transistors signals the advent of the liquid computer era
According to a recent report by the Physicists Network, scientists at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in the US developed a metal alloy that is liquid at room temperature and injected it into rubber to make transistors that are as soft and elastic as natural skin. This latest article, published in Advanced Science, predicts that these soft materials may open up a new era of liquid computers.
Transistors, known as the "brain" of digital products such as PDAs, smartphones and the like, handle signals and data, and as their size gets smaller these transistors are becoming smaller, stronger and more popularized. However, due to the transistors are solid materials, always can not get rid of the stiff feeling of rejection of thousands of miles away.
In a recent study, CMU software machine lab engineers Carmel McGiddy and James Weissman developed new methods to produce fluid transistors with both digital capabilities and soft deformability. By tuning the mix of indium and gallium, they found a special alloy that is liquid at room temperature. It does not only conduct electricity like metals such as copper and silver, but it also has soft, natural skin-like elasticity.
They used liquid indium gallium alloys to make stretchable circuit lines and electronic switches that function by switching the connection of two droplets. Experiments have shown that when a voltage is applied in a certain direction, the two droplets move closer to each other and connect to a metal bridge, thereby achieving the conductive function. When a voltage of one volt is applied in the opposite direction, the droplets are separated from each other , The conductive performance is off. As long as the application of trace voltage, liquid crystal transistor will have the same characteristics of the traditional transistor.
The researchers said that two droplets are similar to the source and drain of a field-effect transistor. The voltage is used to regulate the shape of the drop and the transistor circuit can be switched on-demand. Such liquid metal circuits have potential applications in the future such as flying robots that simulate birds that withstand the deformation pressures at high altitude and extreme conditions while maintaining their electrical functions and have developed devices that are used to search and rescue robots and to monitor disease and restore the brain Functions and other fields of liquid computer.

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