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Company News >> Best news! Jin extension open up after the OLED manufacturing equipment industry chain
With the popularization of personal terminals, the future will be "the terminal win" era. In order to comply with the development of the times and enhance the value, brand and core competitiveness of the enterprise in an all-round way, JinTuo shares recently held "XinTianZe Optoelectronic Display Equipment New Products Conference". At the meeting, the company mainly introduced special equipment in the field of photoelectric display, including OLED packaging technology solutions, 3D curved glass laminating machine, full-screen COP bonding, ultrasonic fingerprint module bonding automatic line, automatic external compensation equipment and automatic laminating Machine, spraying machine, exposure machine, developing machine and so on.
Mr. Xu Deyong, general manager of JinTuo shares, said at the meeting that JinTuo shares always adhere to independent innovation and strive to provide customers with satisfactory service. In many years of service to international brand enterprises in the process of Jintao shares professional and lean management, sound intellectual property, so Jintao shares in the field of photovoltaic display has a strong productivity and delivery capacity to be.
Mr. Xu Deyong believes that the current global manufacturing industry has entered a period of major adjustments. With the reorganization of the global manufacturing industry, the economic environment of China has undergone major changes. Jintao shares as its own brand of equipment manufacturing enterprises, in the spirit of innovation, unlimited innovation purposes, and strive to promote China's manufacturing transformation and equipment upgrades, based on machine vision around the deployment of industry, market-oriented and strengthen the core areas of equipment Upgrade, but also on the development of key equipment R & D, to provide customers with high quality professional equipment and ancillary services.
China Optics and Optoelectronics Industry Association LCD branch executive vice chairman and secretary general Liang Xinqing also said at the meeting that China's semiconductor technology started much later than the advanced western countries, panel display technology is also the same, technically lag behind Japan, Taiwan With South Korea. However, with the domestic panel makers catching up these years, the speed of the construction of the panel has exceeded the forecasted foreign counterparts. After more than a decade of breakthroughs, China's display panel has drawn the attention of all walks of life in the world. In particular, China has occupied a large capacity advantage especially in the large size.
Mr. Liang Xinqing served as a director, executive director, executive vice president and party secretary of BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. He is very familiar with the development process of China's display panel and is also very alert to many industry dilemmas facing China's panel. Mr. Leung pointed out that many of the display panel technologies are derived from semiconductor technology. However, China lacks the accumulation of related industries. In particular, it faces many new challenges in the field of small panel AMOLEDs. However, Chinese manufacturers have been active in AMOLEDs Investment in building for the future also in technology and capacity, to meet the needs of localization.
Mr. Liang Xinqing affirmed Japan, South Korea, Taiwan enterprises in the semiconductor industry had a huge investment, in particular South Korea's Samsung in the field of AMOLED very early layout, forming a very strong closed industrial chain, occupies a very high market share in the smart phone display The status, with AMOLED manufacturing the core competitiveness.

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