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Company News >> Fold into a 2018 new battlefield of smart phones Huawei Samsung Apple OPPO have entered
Folding smartphone is about to become the next battlefield for cellphone innovation. Following ZTE's announcement of Axon M, a new folding Zhongxing secret machine, Huawei and OPPO will also follow up with the launch of the folding handset. In addition, Apple and Samsung are also launching the folding smart phone layout. According to insiders, Samsung Electronics has applied for a patent for a folding smartphone in the United States and South Korea, and LG Display is also the recipient of Apple's folding iPhone panel research and development program. If Samsung and LG Electronics can take the lead in mass production of single-screen folding smart phones, will be able to get rid of domestic mobile phone manufacturers chase.
In the era of post-smart phone, mobile phone innovation has been negligible. The development of folding double-screen mobile phones has become a major goal of mobile phone manufacturers spare no effort, and its products are indeed amazing. In October this year, ZTE released the Axon M smartphone, with single-screen, dual-screen, expansion, mirror four modes of operation, combined with the traditional smart phone portability and dual-screen design scalability, the screen can be opened like a book sideways , Two screens perform different applications, and ZTE calls it a foldable smartphone, but most people in the industry regard it as a dual screen mobile phone instead of a single-screen folding mobile phone. Consumers have been discussing various scenarios for multitasking with dual-screen synchronization after their release.
After ZTE released a folding phone, Huawei will also join the camp. According to Yu Chengdong, president of Huawei's consumer business, Huawei is developing a smart phone consisting of two screens and has developed a prototype smartphone with a folding screen. However, at present, the prototype also needs some mechanical design-related functions Improvement, is expected to be released before the end of 2018.
In addition, OPPO has reported that it has applied for a smart phone patent foldable on the upper half of the screen, or will be the first to enter the foldable mobile phone market. According to the patent document, the OPPO 25% to 35% of the top of the equipment equipped with this patented technology is capable of bending and folding in the longitudinal direction.
It is noteworthy that Samsung recently in the United States and South Korea, respectively, to fold the patent for a smart phone patent from the product diagram shows that in the middle of the smart phone will have a hinge (Hinge) structure that allows the phone from top to bottom fold. Samsung Electronics and Mobile Communications Minister Gao Dongzhen said earlier that the folding mobile phone has been incorporated into the product technology roadmap with the goal of coming out in 2018 but there are still some technical problems that must be solved.
In addition, the industry also reported that LG Display has received Apple's folding iPhone panel development plan, the goal of completing technology research and development and commercialization by 2020. As Samsung Electronics and LG each have a dedicated production of the display of the relationship between enterprises in the future in the development of a single screen folding smart phone is more favorable.
Although the development of folding smartphones is not easy, there is a chance to subvert the existing mobile phone market in technology applications. As consumers prefer large-screen mobile phones but do not want to be over-sized or inconvenient in carrying, the foldable mobile phones become To meet the needs of consumers may be the direction of development. Once the panel display technology to mass production needs, folding phone will start in 2018.
In addition to stunning appearance, the folding mobile phone from the mobile phone function point of view, simply send messages or use social software, you can use the small screen, watch movies or play games, switch to the big screen. If you fold the screen so that the original rear main lens came to the front, you can take better self-shot rear camera lens, manufacturers can also save the pre-installed self-timer lens, the smart phone function to bring greater Play space.
For the folding cell phone component suppliers, since the folding smart phone from the internal motherboard, circuits, batteries, etc. have to redesign, and even must develop new parts that have not been, will be a challenge. The single-screen folding phone, the screen must be able to withstand tens of thousands of times more than folding and flattening, durability of the product has a great test. At present, ZTE launched the Axon M folding mobile phone with dual-screen folding design, and set up a hinge between the thin mobile phone screen to solve the durability problem of direct folding of the single screen, which is provided by supplier Xiamen Vilda.
Huawei, Samsung, ZTE secretly follow the market rhythm once Axon M, and even Apple, OPPO, etc. have all launched folding mobile phone in 2018, the market heavy volume will let the upstream component suppliers greatly benefit. Despite the fact that there are still concerns about the future of folding phones, in the face of the gradual lack of innovation in smartphones, handset manufacturers may have to look forward to seeing them on the foldable handsets in 2018 after the wave of biometrics, full-screen and wireless charging Innovation to seize the market.
At the same time, in the long run, folding screen mobile phones in the future to explore the space is undoubtedly very large, more and more mobile phones, the fuselage to do more and more thin, the screen will have greater development value, the combination of screen innovation will also be Smartphone trends in the next two years. Currently this round of contest between the folding screen mobile phone manufacturers has begun, 2018 will be able to see more folding screen mobile phone market.

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