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Company News >> Rapid accumulation of market demand OLED TV industry upgrade boosters
In recent years, due to the continuous development of science and technology, continuous updating and iteration of products, the intense competition in the color TV industry, price war has become commonplace, so that China's color TV market has been increasing for several years without increasing revenue. In fact, with the escalation of consumer demand, people's requirements for the colors, pixels and sharpness of TVs, computers and mobile phone screens are getting higher and higher. The emergence of OLED technology can greatly improve the color gamut, brightness, contrast of the display screen And other display effects for the development of color TV industry has a very significant meaning, it will promote the color TV industry from the traditional price war, promotion war to the high-end, the direction of development.
OLED is a good experimental field
Compared with the liquid crystal display (LCD), OLED has the advantages of less power consumption, thinness, high definition, and gradually become the hot field of the display industry.
Organic light-emitting diodes are also called organic light-emitting diodes. Because of their own luminescent properties, OLEDs generate red (R) and green (G) light under the illumination of a blue LED backlight and mix with a portion of the blue light White light, thereby enhancing the entire LCD backlight light-emitting effect, the color gamut to enhance more than 30%, so that more vibrant colors, and does not increase the thickness of the LCD panel.
Apple's next-generation mobile phone products, the most concerned about the industry was undoubtedly the first time using a full screen OLED X, and iPhone X using OLED screen not only represents the mobile phones and other small and medium-sized screen closer to the OLED, but also for large-size television screen The future direction.
Insiders pointed out that the domestic color TV market in recent years, the poor environment, sales decline, consumption transformation and upgrading are all related. Chinese TV manufacturers want to become a world-class brand, high-end product sales ability and product development capability is indispensable, and OLED as a very long time, the current and future, the best panel technology is a very good "experimental field."
It is reported that more than a year ago, the domestic market only Skyworth, Konka, Changhong, LG launched four brands of OLED TVs, and this year has added Sony, Philips two brands. Peng Yi-dong, general manager of Consumer Electronics Division, said that this year Sony made great efforts to do OLED products, in terms of the development of OLED TV is an iconic event. Just as Apple introduced the OLED screen on mobile phones, Sony, as a benchmark in the field of television, is of great significance to the development of OLED TVs. It has promoted the OLED products and also boosted the sales of other brands of OLED TVs. Therefore, the future OLED will have more growth.
Consumer escalation is calling
In fact, the television industry's confidence in the application of large-size OLED technology comes not only from the entire OLED driven by Apple mobile phones, but also from the market endogenous motivation.
Orville cloud statistics show that in the first half of 2017, China's OLED TV retail sales rose 103%. According to the summary data of the monitoring of retail outlets nationwide, China sold 40,000 OLED TVs from January to July this year, an increase of 151%. Among them, Konka OLED TV sales increase of 300%; GOME retail price of 150,000 yuan Sony 77-inch OLED TV A1 pre-sale even turned into in short supply; Suning million yuan more than a single color TV, OLED has accounted for 15% ... The above market feedback shows that OLED TV demand in the Chinese market is rapidly accumulated.
The current Chinese consumers have a strong demand for product upgrades, consumer upgrades, and the use of self-luminous OLED TV in the picture quality, design sense, the future possibility of high-end consumer products with high demand. Dong Min, vice president of Alvin Cloud Network, said that in the first half of this year, the average size of China's color TV market was 47.4 inches, far exceeding the global average of 42.3 inches; China's ultra-high definition television penetration was 57.5%, far higher 34.2% of the global average, thanks to the rapid rise of China's middle-class population. Dong Min analyzed that the middle class in China has more economic ability, more independent thinking, willingness to try new things, is willing to pay a premium, but at the same time the product requirements are more stringent and consumer behavior is more sophisticated and mature. The needs of this group of products from a positive change, requiring products in the design, quality has been improved, and OLED TV is the best to meet their needs at present TV products.
Market outbreaks can be expected
According to a survey conducted by China Electronic Chamber of Commerce on the recognition of the consumption of new color TV technologies, in the first half of 2017, the popularity of artificial intelligence, OLEDs, quantum dots, and lasers in the Chinese color TV market was rather high. Among consumers, They are artificial intelligence (38%), OLED (22%), quantum dots (12%), and laser (8%). The industry believes that the outbreak of intelligent OLED TV in the Chinese market may not be far away.
It is understood that the rapid development of OLED TV this year, on the one hand, joined the brand more, higher product exposure; the other hand, OLED TV products are echelon, both wallpaper TV, double-sided OLED TV as the flagship, Another 55-inch, 65-inch 4K OLED TV, the product is more abundant, there are more middle class and high-income class will pay for it, while the company's marketing strategy has changed.
LG Display President Lv Xiang Tak believes that the development of China's OLED TV market is now slower than Europe, the United States a year or two. In the 65-inch color TVs priced above $ 3,000 in the United States, the proportion of OLEDs has reached 68%, while that of Europe reached 55%. In the North American market, the price of OLED TVs in the 55-inch color TV sets, which cost more than $ 2,000, accounted for 62% , While Europe accounted for 75%. In the European and American markets, OLED TV has become a star product. In fact, the number of people watching television is declining now, but the OLED products are the star products, which arouse the consumer's concern. The pulling effect of the OLED on the high-end market is very obvious. However, the turning point is coming. The second half of this year and the first half of next year will be a very important time point for OLED development in China. At present, China's large channel business attaches great importance to the OLED is expected next year LGD OLED production capacity will be increased to 2.5 million, the market share will be greatly enhanced.
Experts said that Chinese TV manufacturers want to become a world-class brand, high-end product sales ability and product development capability is indispensable, and OLED is a good experimental field. The urgent need to upgrade the traditional color TV industry, curly, transparent OLED also provides the possibility for the evolution of television. TV industry must seize the opportunity to adapt to changes in consumer demand, from the traditional price war, promotion war to the high-end, refined direction.

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