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Company News >> Rainbow Group: Technology + Products + co-operation out of high-silicon aluminum cover glass "siege"
As a touch screen surface, the glass cover is mainly made of high-aluminum-alkali aluminosilicate glass, can play a role in protecting the LCD screen. Currently, including the appearance of change, 5G continuous improvement of the network, and the development of three power wireless charger, eventually boosting the development of the glass case market.
As a well-known graphic display manufacturer, Rainbow Group has a long history of originating from cover glass. It has been approved to build the first national engineering laboratory for flat panel display glass technology and the first batch of smart manufacturing pilot demonstration projects in China.
OFweek Display Network Editor interviewed Liu Zhongjun, deputy general manager of Rainbow Group (Shaoyang) Special Glass Co., Ltd. and deputy general manager of Rainbow Group (Shaoyang) Special Glass Co., Ltd. at the "2017 Shenzhen International Touching & Display Show / International Film Tape Exhibition" Yao Rui and Li Junhong, Marketing Minister of Rainbow Group (Shaoyang) Special Glass Co., Ltd. made a comprehensive interpretation of the Group from the operation of the Company, main business and products, and future plans.
Intensive high-silicon cover glass glass superscript world-class standard
In 1992, Rainbow Group was established. Four years later, the company went public on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. As one of the first listed companies in the field of display devices in China, Rainbow is not only the birthplace of China's first CPT, but also China's first color glass bulb, the first OLED display, the first overflow drop cover The birthplace of glass.
In 2006, the domestic electronic glass industry is still almost a white paper, with a huge potential market, so that the risks and opportunities coexist circumstances, Rainbow Group has taken the first step. At present, in addition to the above achievements, Rainbow is also the first one in China and the fifth in the world to own LCD glass production technology and production capacity. It has filled the domestic blank in this field and broke the international monopoly. And because of its leading position in this field, with the approval of the State Council in 2013, Rainbow Group as a whole merged with China Electronics and Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of CEC.
"Rainbow Group is mainly responsible for the flat panel display industry, green energy industry and modern service industry." According to Yao Rui introduction, flat panel display, the current main coverage of three business segments, namely, 8.6 generations of panels, TFT glass, and high aluminum silicon Cover glass. Green energy industry mainly consists of three, namely, photovoltaic glass, solar power plants and LED. The modern service industry is the company based on the original old factory area CBD development.
"In the cover, the main high-alumina aluminosilicate glass, there are two products," Yao Rui continued, one is rainbow CG-01, aluminum content of 18%. The second generation of products is called CG-21, the Chinese is also called Rainbow Kelly, aluminum content of 23%, the performance of the basic standard Corning, is currently the best glass on the market, in the flatness, warpage, stability, performance Are better.
A year ago, Rainbow Group and its strategic partner, Shenzhen Toray Company, jointly released the "Rainbow Carey" high-strength tempered glass at the 12th China International Display Conference. In addition to the features introduced by Yao Rui, it is understood that the product has a unique twice-ion-exchange chemical strengthening process technology, the depth of strengthening can reach more than 100 microns, and the chemical strengthening process time is shortened by a third, displaying the terminal device's resistance Drop strength can be doubled.
For the rainbow Kaili anti-fall performance, Liu Zhongjun with specific data explained: "Our generation of products is 500-600mm drop-resistant height, the second generation of products to be able to do about one meter drop resistance, high security upgrade Doubled. "In addition, according to him, the product's scratch resistance is also outstanding, mainly based on the surface pressure and depth to further enhance.
"The first generation of the popular market is basically 40 μ or so, our current product is basically 70-80 μ, you can do more than 100 μ. So that the entire glass anti-drop anti-planning performance is very good, This is an aspect of optimizing the user experience, "adds Liu Zhongjun.
Responsible for improving the heavy responsibility of the industrial chain monopolistic oligarchy reached a co-opetitive relationship
With the rapid development of the display industry, Rainbow Group has gradually expanded its market scale by virtue of its long-term technical accumulation. In addition to meet the needs of the domestic market, the products are also sold to foreign LCD panel makers, further opening up the international market. However, despite the steady growth of capacity, the pressure from the market and the properties of the enterprises themselves can not be underestimated.
According to survey data, until 2020, the cover glass will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11%, with a global scale of about 17 billion U.S. dollars. However, due to the late start of the domestic high-aluminum cover glass and the high production threshold, the market is almost monopolized by foreign-funded enterprises such as Corning, Japan, Asahi Glass and German SCHOTT. Behind the monopoly, the pressure on domestic manufacturers prices has become a major test of the company's operating ability and profitability.
On the other hand, according to Liu Zhongjun's introduction, because of the central bank's background of CEC, the parent company of Rainbow Group, the company also undertakes certain social responsibilities. In order to change the status quo of the current "lack of core and less plate" industries in China, Terminals can be more easily reached in the production and sales processes, as the upstream manufacturers have to lower the unit price of Rangli sales.
"The company's future development also needs from the national information industry strategy, CEC is China's largest IT companies, responsible for the future development of the national strategy for the development of the Internet of Things. From this level of consideration, on the one hand the company is doing touch display of raw materials development "On the other hand, big data analysis based on information security should also be done." Liu Zhongjun further said: "In addition, the future companies will also focus on military applications of glass, such as nuclear submarines, neutron absorption, and gyroscopes."
In business cooperation, Yao Rui said: "In May this year, Rainbow Group and the United States Corning signed a TFT cooperation agreement, plans to set up two large-size substrate glass production lines in Xianyang, Shaanxi and Chengdu, Sichuan, the future commitment to 8.6 generations and above Research and development and design and production of rear substrate glass.The cooperation will bring into full play the respective advantages of Rainbow and Corning to form a good cooperative relationship and further improve the current situation of shortage of large size substrate glass in China.

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