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Company News >> From the trade Ze electronic components distributors in the future development trend
As the largest market for semiconductor applications, smartphones have witnessed a rapid growth in the semiconductor industry due to the rapid development of the smart phone market in recent years. However, up to now, the global smart phone market is highly centralized, leading to the major market share being swallowed by the top five handset manufacturers. The corresponding is the component distributor, from recent years can also see the continuous integration of component distributors, and even some small and medium-sized distributors have begun to gradually withdraw from the mobile phone market!
Overall, from the component distributor market point of view, there are two obvious trends, one is the giant product line to full-scale, and the second is the small and medium-sized distributors to segmentation. Mozambique Electronics as a well-known distributor in the field of components, with its analysis as an example, you can also see the future development trend of components distributors!
First, the global distributor of smart phones embark on how to deal with the future market
From the smartphone manufacturer's point of view, in terms of volume of shipments, taking the 2016 as an example, the top five in the domestic market share in the market reached 66.5%, while in 2015, the figure was only 59.7% By the first quarter of 2017, the figure rose again to 70.4%! In the global market, the top five mobile phone manufacturers shipments in 2016 accounted for 57.8% of the total market share, up from 51.5% in 2015 and up to 58.3% in the first quarter of 2017!
This shows that the global smart phone manufacturers shipments of centralized degree is gradually strengthened, shipments centralized, the reaction is that the entire mobile phone market competition will be more intense, at the same time, two years before the Internet mobile phone brand bargain The phenomenon is also very serious, leading to many mobile phone manufacturers from the second half of 2016 have raised the price of mobile phones, the United States said by the impact of price increases in supply chain components! In the face of intense competition in the market, the gross profit margin of handset manufacturers also continue to decline! One of the best examples is that by the end of last year to the beginning of this year, a large number of handset manufacturers in China that have been particularly hard on the bargain today have been raising their prices!
Affected by the end market, further lead to distributor business is also more difficult to do. As early as a few months ago, according to Mobile News reported online, for distributors, because the mobile phone market, centralized customers, and the market competition, gross profit margin and low, some distributors even fade out of the market, but also some distribution Business attempt to obtain some new local supply chain vendor power into the mobile phone market! Based on the above situation, some small and medium-sized distributors are constantly losing mobile phone customers, coupled with low gross margins, resulting in these distributors gradually fade out of the mobile phone market, but also by the traditional sales model into the online sales model online!
However, in the view of Mozambic Electronics, although the global smartphone market is becoming more and more centralized, some small and medium-sized mobile phone companies are still a lot. Although their shipments are small and small or free brands were used in the early years, then the design should Price-based, may only need less features, he is more concerned about the price.

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