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Company News >> iphone X with "signs of fever" next year, Apple's export manufacturing industry or welcome a wave of dividends?
The long-awaited Apple 10-year masterpiece iphone X launch, although once detonated the global boom, but after a short time there has been signs of fever.
According to sources in the upstream supply chain, orders for iphone X components have seen their sales soar in the past two months and the iphone X component weakened in November after strong demand in September and October. Sources said that due to the unexpected strong demand for key components, Apple is likely to reduce the first quarter of next year iphone shipments target. In November this year, iPhone X parts orders than previously expected to reduce about 30%.
Mobile newspaper online / Sun Lili
Dali, can be the current peak season is not the status quo
Recently, as a iphone camera lens supplier Dali announced its November revenue, only a slight increase of 2.5 million yuan over the previous month, although in line with the previous flat expected, but the market can not help but disappointed.
Access to relevant information found that in November Daliuang revenue 5.616 billion yuan, an increase of 2.5 million yuan over the previous month, an increase of 0.05%, but the annual growth rate of 8%; the previous November revenue of 48.26 billion yuan, an increase over the same period last year 12.5%. Dali Guang said that at present the capacity utilization rate is still good, but some customers pull down the strength of a weaker phenomenon, is expected in December revenue was lower than in November, as the manufacturing yield is still continuing to improve.
In accordance with the previous revenue trajectory Daliaguang, each year in December is usually the year-round peak (except 2015), and Dalu light revenue in November failed to break the record in October 2015 to create a 5.769 billion yuan record high Equal to declare this year missed rewrite a single month high.
In addition to Dali LECTRA, Apple shares of the framework stocks can be made into the previous month's revenue also see a recession in advance, a single monthly revenue 11.02 billion yuan, a decrease of 10.4% the previous month. If the foreign circle of the company's fourth-quarter revenue estimates, in December revenue is expected to continue to decline.
In November, the domestic two major Apple stocks both lower-than-expected revenue performance, which means that Apple's Apple iPhone light dimmer, the entire supply chain operation performance will not look good too.
Sources estimate that iphone X shipments in January and February next year will be similar to November this year, but in March fell sharply. Overall, the iphone X shipments in the first quarter of next year will be around 30% lower than last month, taking into account the seasonal factors and the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday workers. However, sources said, iphone shipments in the first quarter of next year may still be better than the first quarter of this year's level.
Apple Manufacturing exports large enterprises or welcome a wave of dividends
Recently, the United States showed its strongest tax reform plan in more than 30 years and attracted global hot debate.
Based on this, some people in the industry believe that the U.S. tax cuts are both good and bad, but in general, the short-term is more favorable to this level.
In response to this subjective point of good, the detainee analyzed in detail and said that in the light of the move by the United States to reduce taxes, there will be a situation of a rise in the value of the U.S. dollar. Therefore, to some extent, this move will benefit the export of enterprises. Second, US electronics companies, the United States reduced their corporate tax burden, increased profits, is conducive to future bargaining in the supply process; the third is conducive to reducing the price of end products to stimulate consumption.
Take Apple as an example. After the tax burden is reduced, Apple's profitability will further rise. It is expected to lower the prices of hardware products such as mobile phones, ipad, Macbook, desktop computers and watches to further stimulate demand.
Apple looks like it has done more strategic deployment. Recently, according to foreign media reports, Apple and Southeast Asia's largest shopping site Lazada, announced the launch of online retail in several countries, some of which countries for the first time have the official Apple retail services.
It is reported that the main mode of cooperation with Apple will be directly to the Lazada provide similar shape of the goods, and Apple's cooperation platform will enable its electronic products to cover nearly 560 million people in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam.
On the downside, the source said the U.S. tax reduction and electronic manufacturing have the potential to return to the United States. However, the tax reduction is only one aspect. Judging from the overall manufacturing environment in the electronics industry, there is still a good domestic advantage at present such as the industrial chain Supporting, reflecting the speed, labor costs and manufacturing costs, so even if the return will take time, not so fast.
At present, most of the business in the Chinese apple supply chain is labor-intensive. On the one hand, it requires a lot of labor. On the other hand, because Apple orders are affected seasonally, it is difficult to adjust the factory even in the United States.
A few days ago, when I discussed these related issues with industry professionals, several entrepreneurs who frequently visited overseas said that China's manufacturing industry has its own unique advantages. From the point of view of catering and supply chain, and cultural practices, Said that it fully possesses the foundation of China's manufacturing industry.
In summary, China's manufacturing industry has obvious advantages. Next year, the larger Chinese enterprises in the apple supply chain may usher in a new wave of dividends. Based on this, the industry judge said that for investors, the proposal may focus on exports in the first half accounted for as high as 91.1% of letter communications, exports in the first half accounted for 84.4% share of Anjie technology exports in the first half accounted for up to 81.9% of BlueScope Technology, the first half of the year accounted for up to 84.4% of the Legislative Branch of precision, exports accounted for 52.6% in the first half, next year's share of exports will significantly improve the Dongshan precision.

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