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Company News >> Full screen under the fingerprint recognition program which formed in the shine?
This year, under the wave of full screen, fingerprinting has been greatly affected. In order to cater for the changes in the trend of the new era, fingerprinting has also added a fingerprinting scheme for full screen. Of course, there are programs that gradually disappear with the latest situation. Overall, fingerprinting programs have changed a lot this year, and diversified programs have made their applications a bit confusing.
So far, many fingerprinting schemes have emerged such as the coating scheme, the cover scheme (including the glass cover, the ceramic cover and the sapphire cover), the Under Glass scheme and the under-screen fingerprinting scheme have evolved several times this year, , So that fingerprint chip manufacturers are inevitably address this year's fingerprint identification program really messy eyes. Although many programs, but review this year's fingerprint recognition in the new machine, in fact, there are still rules to follow.
This year has come to an end, many manufacturers new machine release has ended, and began to enter the sales shock stage. Overall, the second half of this year to release a full screen mobile phone based, Huawei, oppo, vivo, millet, Jinli and other handset manufacturers have launched their own full screen mobile phone, Jin and even the declaration will open a full screen era. Visible, full screen manufacturers have become a marketplace fight a weapon, and the full screen era, the application of fingerprint identification program also put on the agenda.
Throughout the second half of the screen has been released new machine shows that under the screen fingerprinting technology is not yet ripe, many new machines are relatively conservative post-end fingerprint coating program. In the choice of cover options, have seen no sapphire cover figure.
Earlier, sapphire fingerprint cover more applications in the Apple mobile phone, but in this year's Apple's full screen mobile phone iPhone x, fingerprint recognition has been canceled, and according to Apple's revealed news, Apple's full screen mobile phone No longer using fingerprint recognition, visible, sapphire fingerprint cover in Apple's advanced road has been cut off. In the domestic models, due to cost and capacity factors have also been no large-scale use, since the estimated hard to find traces.
In addition, the well-received glass cover solution was also flooded in the trend of full screen before the full screen hit. I learned that the current release of the brand full screen mobile phone point of view, only the Nubian Z17S rear glass fingerprint cover, and other full screen mobile phone but no longer see the glass fingerprint cover figure. Last year, the development of the glass fingerprint cover was swift and violent. Its market share significantly improved and its trend of leading the trend was great. However, this year's full-scale screen would inevitably languish.
In the three fingerprint cover program, only the ceramic cover program also has a place. According to the author's incomplete statistics, there are at least three versions of the ceramic fingerprint cover scheme in the full-screen models released by the top four domestic mobile phone manufacturers, namely Mate 10, OPPO R11s and Millet MIX2 respectively. The three large shipments also led the market share of ceramic fingerprint cover all the way up.
Ceramic fingerprint cover because of its superior performance and gradually lower the price, widely favored by the terminal handset manufacturers. Last year, OPPO, VIVO, millet use ceramic fingerprint cover, the ceramic fingerprint cover was stir-fried, the share rose to 23.1%. This year in a full screen models, there is still room for development of ceramic fingerprint cover.
Although the development of ceramic fingerprint cover well, but this year's biggest winner is not a ceramic fingerprint cover, but the coating program. In addition to the above several full-screen mobile phone with fingerprint cover, the other full screen mobile phone almost all used the coating program. Such as vivo x20, Huawei play 7X, Huawei mate 10 pro, Jin M7, hammer Pro2, collar song S8, Google Pixel 2 XL, etc., coating program to become a full screen under the most mainstream choice to save the trend of its decline.
In 2015, the coating solution, which once occupied 90% of the market share but dropped to 61.3% in 2016, remained the mainstream fingerprint identification application. However, before the wave of the full screen, according to the magnitude and intensity of this decline, many people in the industry speculated that the coating solution will replace the cover solution, but the mobile phone market is in a rapidly changing situation. The coating solution has successfully reached the summit.
Data show that this year's full screen mobile phone penetration rate of about 8%, about 120 million shipments in 2018, full screen mobile penetration rate will reach 30%, shipments increased significantly to 550 million. Can be seen next year, the application of the coating program will continue to move higher.
In addition, Qualcomm, the exchange top, FPC, think of the new screen under the fingerprinting or trial next year, may affect the popularity of coating program, but the impact will not be too large, because the cost and technical maturity fingerprint screen only in High-end flagship aircraft used, shipments forecast will not be too much.
Finally I have to mention the Under Glass program that popped up last year. Last year, the Under Glass solution was not used mainly for the Xiaomi 5S and Lenovo ZUK Edge. The market share of these two solutions was 0.1% and 0.6% respectively. But this year, Under Glass has no news, no matter it is in full screen or non-full screen.
Can be said that in this year's full screen market, although many fingerprinting programs, slightly confusing, but the application from the market point of view, fingerprinting programs there is a clear and clear application of the line, that is mainly to the post-coating, very few Cover the program as a supplement, and a full screen mobile phone fingerprint identification is not much pre-narrow ceramic cover-based programs.
In addition, a few days later will come in 2018, under the screen, although we are looking forward to the fingerprint, but the application estimated wait until the second half, the application effect also need to test. At the same time, with the gradual concentration of the mobile phone market, domestic mobile phone leaders gather and the shipments of the first four brands have accounted for 90% of the market. Therefore, although the fingerprint market will still be covered by the coating and ceramic fingerprinting scheme next year, the first four mobile phone brands will become the biggest competition point between the two.

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