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Company News >> Full screen mobile phone panel shipments ranking: Samsung first horse / AUO / BOE followed
Fourth quarter 18: 9 full-screen panel production capacity to open up, Qunzhi consulting (Sigmaintell) estimated 2017 global 18: 9 full-screen panel smart phone panel shipments reached 230 million. Samsung in the iPhone X and Samsung flagship model under the lift, shipping up to 137 million. AUO is the fourth quarter of mass production shipments, a-Si panel and LTPS panel double arrow together, the single-quarter shipments reached 17 million, the market ranked third.
Driven by the iPhone X, the 18: 9 full-screen panel has become an important development direction for smart phone screens in 2017. In the second half of the year, almost all brand flagship new models are mainly featuring 18: 9 full-screen panels. According to the latest survey data from Qunzhi Consulting, in 2017, the global handset production volume of 18: 9 full-screen panels reached about 230 million units while the production of new products was concentrated in the second half of the year, but the market supply in the second half alone It is close to 200 million pieces.
Judging from the panel makers, Samsung monitors are driven by orders from Apple's iPhone X, Samsung's Galasy S8 and Note 8 handsets, and shipments of 18: 9 full-screen panels reach about 137 million units, accounting for 60% of market share. Supplier.
Other LCD panel makers are also gradually developing and mass production 18: 9 full-screen panel, and gradually increase production capacity. Including Pegasus, AU Optronics, BOE's 18: 9 full-screen panel shipments also exceeded the level of 10 million. Pegasus 2017 18: 9 Full-screen panel shipments of about 24 million, accounting for 10% market share, ranking second. AUO 18: 9 full-screen panel is a-Si panel and LTPS panel dual-track parallel heavy volume shipments in the fourth quarter, shipments washed up to 17 million, accounting for about 7% market share. BOE shipments of about 12 million, the market share of 5%.
Caijing is the first panel factory in Taiwan to mass-produce a 18: 9 full-screen panel. Its product line is locked in the market for HD entry models. In 2017, it shipped about 9 million tablets, accounting for 4% of the market. Others like CTC, LGD, Dragon and other panel makers, shipments were 8 million, 7 million, 6 million.
Panel makers pointed out that the new case of mobile phone panels in 2018 almost all 18: 9 full-screen panel design is expected 18: 9 full-screen panel phones will gradually become the industry standard, more low-end phones will be equipped with 18: 9 full-screen panel, In the overall smart phone panel market penetration will exceed 50%.

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