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Company News >> Cell Phone Lens Industry Lianchuang Electronic "Alliance" set up 9.9 billion optical industry fund
Recently Lianchuang electronic optical business has become the object of heavy industry hits.
On December 26, Lianchuang Electronics Co., Ltd. released a public announcement on its intention to launch an investment in Jiangxi Lianchuang Optical Industry Fund. The announcement shows that the fund scale of Jiangxi Lianchuang Optical Industry Fund Partnership is RMB990 million. As the inferior company Partner, intends to invest 309 million yuan.
For the purpose of this foreign investment, Lianchuang Electronics said that the establishment of Jiangxi Lianchuang Optical Industry Fund Partnership is to combine the company's rich industrial resources and core technology capabilities, better use of capital market advantage to promote the company's strategic layout, promote the company The realization of the overall strategic goal. On the other hand, it will help the Company to further broaden its sources of funds, seek high-quality resources and serve the company's strategic layout in the future.
It is understood that the fund-raising funds are mainly used for the development of the optical industry Lianchuang Electronics, investment project company Jiangxi Lianchuang Jisheng Optical Co., Ltd., with Lianchuang Electronics rich industrial resources and core technologies, plans to use two years to complete the "annual output 200 million high-megapixel camera lens industrialization project "construction.
The author found in Jiangxi United Optical Co., Ltd. found that this company is wholly owned subsidiary of a joint venture, mainly engaged in optical components, camera modules, photoelectric display modules, optoelectronic components and other electronic products research and development, production and sales . While reviewing the relevant materials of Jiangxi Liangyi Optical Co., Ltd., the author found that Mr. Zeng Jiyong was the legal person of the company and postdoctoral optical engineering of Tsinghua University. He used to be R & D Director and Assistant General Manager of Phoenix Optics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Vice president of Electronics Co., Ltd. and general manager of the optical division, the incumbent Lianchuang electronic directors, executive vice president.
In addition to the above status, Mr. Zeng Jianyong is the chairman of Shenzhen Zhuorui Electronics Co., Ltd. The author found the information of Shanghai Guotai Junan Securities Asset Management Co., Ltd. found that this is the highest priority partner of the joint creation of optical optical industry fund, in addition to funding joint Electronic optical fund outside, the recent news broke, it owns Beijing Snow Dilong Technology Co., Ltd. 30 million unlimited shares outstanding.
The author of the Shanghai Guotai Junan Securities Asset Management Co., Ltd. related information was informed that, from 2007 to 2016 in the decade, Guotai Junan has eight years in the industry ranked the top three industries, according to Wind, 2016 Guotai Junan sponsor and lead underwriting stocks Over 450 billion yuan in total convertible bonds, exchangeable bonds, corporate bonds, corporate bonds, short-term bonds, ballot papers, PPNs, financial bonds, asset-backed bills and credit asset securitizations, representing an increase of nearly 40% as compared with the same period of 2015 Habitat industry third. In 2017, under the background of overall downturn in the market, Guotai Junan Investment Bank still achieved a sponsorship underwriting market of nearly 320 billion yuan with a market share of 6.54%, ranking fourth. Among them, financial advisers, refinancing, corporate debt financing ranked second (data as of November 30, 2017).
So what is the background for Jiangxi Province to develop and upgrade the guiding fund (limited partnership)? With doubt, the author once again material search, it is understood that the development and upgrading of Jiangxi Province guide fund was established in March this year, set up by the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Finance and entrusted Jiangxi Choi Investment Equity Fund Company operations and management.
Allegedly, the establishment of the Guidance Fund for the Development and Upgrading of Jiangxi Province will enable the former financial funds to directly transfuse "blood transfusion" into the government's "hematopoiesis" and complete the transition from financial subsidies to equity investments. In order to speed up the "upgrade" of Jiangxi's economy, Into a strong impetus.
Two years plan to complete 200 million high-resolution cell phone camera project
It is learned from the announcement that this investment direction is planned to complete the construction of "an annual output of 200 million high-resolution mobile phone lens industrialization projects" in two years.
According to the announcement, the duration of the fund shall be as follows: The partnership enterprise shall be established from the date of issuance of the business license. The duration of the partnership is 5 years. The investment period of 3 years and the exit of 2 years (50% each) may be extended as agreed by the partners' meeting. It is understood that this fund entrusted manager for Shanghai Silicon Valley Paradise Wealth Management Co., Ltd.
In fact, as early as 2015, Lianchuang listed to raise 320 million yuan, the construction of an annual output of 60 million high-megapixel camera industry projects, according to the disclosure, the progress of this project has been completed 98.57%. In the report, Lianchuang Electronics also disclosed in the report that an annual output of 60 million high-megapixel camera industry projects are in the construction phase, with different actual and expected benefits.
The author learned from the supply chain, the strength of the joint creation of electronic camera phone is relatively weak, have taken shares of South Korea Kolen received a small amount of Samsung's orders in the domestic mobile phone market, the large participation of enterprises is not high.
Recently, LianKong Electronics, which has been unknown in the field of mobile phone lens, was pulled into the visual again. I learned some time ago, Huawei glory V10 conference, AI runs through the whole process, especially the 3D facial expression control and 3D small object modeling, and iphone X technology has the same purpose. It is understood that the joint creation of electronics to Huawei plug-in 3D module provides a collimation lens.
The disclosure of this information is quite beneficial for Lianchuang Electronics, which has a weak cell phone lens, and this mass production experience makes a lot of sense for Lianchuang Electronics. Returning to the impact of this foreign investment on Lianchuang Electronics, Lianchuang Electronics disclosed in the report that the possible risks of this overseas investment are mainly reflected in that the investment income can not reach the expected risk, and the industrial funds have a longer investment cycle and more liquidity Low characteristics, the company's investment may face a longer period of return on investment, and industrial funds in the investment process by the macroeconomic, industry cycles, investment in the management of the underlying company, mergers and acquisitions and other factors, will likely face investment Benefit less than expected or the risk of fund losses, but Lianchuang Electronics quite confident about this foreign investment.

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