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Company News >> E-commerce with the same section behind the difference between smart TV offer any mystery in the end?
The same TV, the same online site to sell, one for 12,000 yuan, one for 6,400 yuan, which one would you choose? Is not cheap is affordable? Perhaps, the answer is not as simple as you think. With the appliance store full "touch the net", promotional sales of home appliances products are more and more intensive, from "Anniversary", "Fan Festival" to "Shopping Festival", "New Year's ceremony," almost every month there are promotions By the head. In the face of dazzling prices, consumers often dizzy, do not know hidden behind the price difference, may be different sources, different accessories, or even just a flaming shot of the network "explosion."
Phenomenon 1
70-inch smart TV prices are nearly doubled
"All 70-inch smart TVs are called, how the price will almost double it? Which should I buy the right?" Just past New Year's Day, the public Ms. Ma should not buy a TV hesitant.
Ms. Ma wanted to buy a TV for her mother. The television he watched was a few years ago. The pixel was a bit low. She wanted to take advantage of the new round of promotions at the end of the year to pick up a new one that was suitable for both price and quality . "I went to the store and looked at the introduction of the Purchasing Guide, fancy Sharp a 70-inch high-definition television, said the 4k screen, the sound effect is good." Ma said that after reading in the store, She wanted to confirm the family again, log in to the online look, but found another price difference: in an e-commerce site, with a model of Sharp 70-inch high-definition television, sell 11999 yuan, there are Sell ​​6388 yuan.
"What a slim figure, intelligent voice control, 4k vivid colors ... propaganda copy are the same, the former why the price is almost double the latter?" Although taking advantage of the holiday selection of television is cheap, close to 6000 Yuan spread or make her heart guilty of whispering, I do not know exactly what the original TV product so lucrative yet, or under the same model is actually something different.
The same product accessories may be different
A 70-inch smart TV, can generate a huge profit of 6,000 yuan? In accordance with the clues provided by Ms. Ma, the reporter logged in an e-commerce site to find this Sharp TV, the product model is indeed the same, but one is the site proprietary products, one is to join the third-party sales of products. However, after reading through the parameters carefully, the two companies sold the same product with subtle differences. In the "quality" column, although the backlight, resolution, panel brightness and other parameters are the same, but the core of a screen parameter, the price of 11,999 yuan Sharp TV marked the original Japanese panel ( SDP), Sharp TV priced at 6388 yuan is 4k LCD panel (INX).
Japanese original panel and 4k LCD panel What is the difference? According to insiders, SDP is Sharp's main LCD panel factory in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture. Although it was acquired by Gou Gou last year, SDP was founded in 2009 by Sharp's own production screen and INX is a group startup Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a TFT-LCD panel manufacturing company founded by Foxconn in 2002 and belongs to the products of Foxconn's products. Panels produced by Foxconn are generally regarded as non-original panels in the industry.
Indeed, on the product page, the reporter saw the prominent words "4k Ultra Clear Japan Panel" on the Sharp TV sales page of 11999 yuan, whereas the Sharp TV at the price of 6388 yuan did not stand out from the Japanese panel throughout The biggest selling point.
"With the globalization of home appliances production, imported home appliance brand is not necessarily 100% are imported." The source said that the color TV, for example, some color TV products may be imported LCD panel, but the TV is not the whole machine is not Imported, but made in China foundry factory, it will appear with the same product accessories may have different origin.
Phenomenon 2
Different models offer the same headset
TV such a large appliance, different sellers may be bad days, that small appliances like headphones do? Consumers have found that, sometimes, small appliances do not make people worry.
Public Ms. Liu not long ago in a home appliance business website fancy a BOSE noise canceling headphones, the model is QC25, the price is divided a lot of files. Cheap grades, and some sellers direct mail written in Hong Kong, after the tax package price is 1099 yuan; some writers write bonded warehouse delivery, after the tax package price is 1399 yuan; your grade, some Written by the seller is 2198 yuan 包邮, some also shouted the price of 2999 yuan. "I compare a bit, not a big platform must sell cheap, and some tax-inclusive and tax-free, people do not know exactly how to calculate." Ms. Liu said that let her feel at a loss what exactly is to follow "The more expensive the better" principle, or follow the "cheap" principle? "Just a headset, the difference between quotes really should be so big?"
Network "explosion" may only be for drainage
In order to answer Ms Liu's confusion, the reporter once again logged on the e-commerce site on this BOSE QC25 headset made some comparison, and then found that the lowest bid two sellers, consumers want to really want to buy headphones but not easy . The cheapest price of 1099 yuan overseas buyers, click into, the reporter saw that the sales page shows that "no goods" and does not support 7 days no reason to return, while the price ranked second lowest 1399 yuan Of the overseas buyers, although it shows that there are goods, but indicate that each consumer can only buy a commodity price of 1399 yuan, after more than 1 will not be able to enjoy the low price of 1399 yuan.
"Different sellers may follow different principles when pricing their products. It is not always cheaper for big merchants to sell, and smaller sellers are more expensive to sell." A home appliance sales person told reporters that in many cases the network of very low prices Money, "the more the role is only to drain, so that consumers pay attention to its other more profitable products, businesses really come up with a very limited number of sold, so consumers often feel cheaper things are particularly hard to grab, Sold out of stock. On the contrary, sometimes, when the merchant predicts that consumers will like a certain product and the inventory may not be sufficient, it will do the opposite and increase the selling price of the product. "So, consumers can not simply focus on price, but consider the performance of the product."
As for the tax package and non-tax, it is understood that may represent the different sources of storage, and some products should be stored in the bonded area, businesses can be exempt from taxes and fees sales.

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