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Company News >> Difficult to sustain the downturn 2018 TV market how to break the ice
Twists and turns, continued downturn, with these two words to describe the 2017 TV market more appropriate. After experiencing the rise in 2016, from the first quarter of 2017, the development of the entire market will be quite tortuous. No matter the sales volume or profit, it will only make many color TV manufacturers marveled at it. With the panel prices down cycle and a variety of displays, smart technology enjoys popular support, the 2018 color TV market can successfully break the ice?
2017 TV market difficult
People familiar with the TV industry know that in 2016, the total sales volume of China's color TV market exceeded 50 million units, breaking the historical record of the total sales volume of China's color TV in a single year. The situation is excellent and several research institutes "take advantage of" predict that the TV market in 2017 will be Will continue to grow, some forecasting agencies even given the exact data of 56 million units, one time can be said that "the whole industry feel excited", so full of confidence in the color TV manufacturers are horsepower to prepare for 2017.
However, contrary to expectations, the first quarter of 2017 China's color TV market fell 11% year on year, even worse, the first half of 2017 the price of the upper reaches of the LCD panel triumphantly march in the face of huge cost pressures, the major color TV brands have to slow down the pace of production , Difficult to clean up inventory.
Speaking of another camp in the color television market, Internet brands, music's "collapse" for the entire Internet TV is a "huge bad thing", as if losing the backbone, the momentum unsustainable.
Relevant information shows that since the LCD panel prices continued to rise in 2016 to bring greater pressure on color TV companies, coupled with sluggish domestic demand growth, the first half of 2017, domestic TV companies suffered an unprecedented decline in profits, shipments decline. According to the 2017 China TV Consumption and 2018 Trend Forecast Report released by the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, the sales volume of color TV in the PRC in 2017 will be about 48 million units.
Among the difficulties there is a clear welcome
Looking back to the entire color TV market in 2017, despite the decline in sales volume and the drop in profits, twists and turns, but with the migration of consumer groups and habits, the color TV market of the year showed some reassuring features.
According to the monitoring data, from January to October 2017, the retail sales of TVs 55 inches and over increased by 22.6% over the same period last year, accounting for 40% of the total retail market. On the basis of 4K resolution, wide color gamut technology and HDR technology are widely used in high-end TVs. Data show that from January to October 2017, the retail sales of TVs using wide color gamut technology increased by 80.7% from the same period of last year; HDR TVs grew even more rapidly with retail volume up more than 350% year-on-year.
At the same time, in order to further enhance the quality of traditional LCD TVs, Quantum Dots TV uses a distinctive backlight technology, bringing more possibilities for display performance. According to the monitoring data, from January to October 2017, the retail sales of quantum dot TV increased by 48.3% from the same period of last year.
In addition, OLED TV is also one of the representatives of high-end television. OLED TV with its slim body, exquisite picture quality has caused many consumers seeking high-quality TV of all ages. According to the monitoring data, from January to October 2017, the retail sales of OLED TVs increased 152% YoY. Although the current size of the OLED TV market is still quite limited, but its potential is undoubtedly enormous.
Another noteworthy is that the introduction of artificial intelligence technology, given the traditional TV more features. At the same time, AI televisions, as one of the smart home access ports, are expected to become the most popular smart port in China for display and interaction.
2018 color TV market how to ice
From the past 2017, the color television market, the large size, ultra-thin, curved, 4K, artificial intelligence and other elements of the most popular, is expected in 2018 television market, will still be based on high-end big screen to develop.
According to the report of the China Electronics Association, the size of the television consumers expect to change in 2017 will mainly be between 50 and 60 inches. 2018 is expected, OLED, quantum dots, artificial intelligence, laser TVs and other display technologies will rely on large-size TV, showing a rapid expansion of multiple.
At present, more than 10 brand manufacturers nationwide have launched TV products mainly based on artificial intelligence, including traditional TV manufacturers such as Hisense, TCL and Changhong as well as Internet companies such as Xiaomi, Micro-whales and Storm TV. In the first ten months of 2017, artificial intelligence television accounted for 3.9% of the total retail sales, of which the share in October reached 7.7%. The proportion of artificial intelligence TV retail sales showed a steady growth trend, the future of artificial intelligence will likely become the standard TV.
The industry believes that through the Internet of things, previously unrelated TV, refrigerators and other appliances can form a smart home system, which is the future direction of the color TV industry. Before the color TV is only a simple receiving device, the future will become a fully intelligent Internet center. From this perspective, the entrance will be the key to competition in the future of color TV enterprises. Although the semantic understanding ability is poor, continuous dialogue instability, lack of deep learning ability and other issues remain the main reason for the consumer satisfaction with the artificial intelligence TV, but with the development of artificial intelligence technology, industry standards, consumers Interactive experience will also continue to be improved, at the same time, combined with the "smart home" common development, the future worth the wait.

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