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Company News >> 2018AWE show 8K content into a popular Sharp can carry the banner?
The annual AWE (China Household Electrical Appliances and Consumer Electronics Fair) Conference will be grandly opened in Shanghai, China on March 8, as one of the world's top three home appliances and consumer electronics exhibitions next to CES and IFA, AWE will undoubtedly become a major home appliance Enterprise show strength and style of the brilliant stage. With the approaching time, more and more home appliance manufacturers have begun to publish information exhibitors, of which the most attention may be considered "the father of 8K Ecology" - Sharp.
As the world's leading color TV brand, Sharp's color TV "Black Technology" on the AWE arena is the focus of attention at the show site, such as AWE2017 show, Sharp introduced a stunning 8K TV, the details of the rich to unparalleled The visual shock so that consumers experience the unprecedented eye-catching impact. Recently, Sharp publishes the relevant information on the official Weibo exhibition AWE2018, which also indicates that the color giants will once again boarded the AWE stage under the influence of Foxconn. In the end this year, the TV giant will bring us what a surprise?
AWE show basically are home appliances, especially in the changing needs of the market, the TV-based black electric products has become an indispensable AWE show beautiful scenery. With 8K, OLED, QLED, HDR and other new display technologies come one after another, such as Sharp, Sony, Samsung, Haier, TCL and other well-known domestic and international TV brands will be AWE on the show "muscle" to open a new round of strength contest .
In fact, the development of video technology has far exceeded our imagination, especially in color TV products, although the 4K display signal is far from universal, but the 8K display has been put on the agenda. Earlier this year, CES show, LG introduced 88-inch 8K resolution OLED TV, Sony also released a 85-inch HDR 8K TV. What you can see is that the 8K brings a new sign of the television market and is also likely to be a "keyword" at AWE2018. Some industry experts said that 2018 will be the first year of development of 8K. "Who seize the banner of the content industry layout, who is expected to lead the general trend of development."
When it comes to the development of leading trend of 8K, Sharp's role as "Father of 8K Ecology" can not be ignored. In the industry and consumers think 8K is not expected in time, Foxconn and Sharp have assured 8K is the future trend, and before other brands into the 8K field. Subsequently, Foxconn endorsed Sharp not only in the hardware on the ground floor of the world's first consumer-level 8K television, it is actively planning content construction. Currently, Sharp is participating in the project of 8K + 5G R & D center and 8K content broadcasting center in Shenzhen Luhu Lake 8K Industrial Base Project. In addition, Sharp will also NHK Tokyo TV to reach a cooperation, the occasion of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, the full opening of the 8K broadcast. In this point of view, the combination of Sharp and Foxconn most likely to carry the banner of 8K content, leading the development trend.

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