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Company News >> Cloud Valley 6th generation full soft AMOLED project to create "China Zhizao" business card A new display industry to reshape the new pattern of solid security
January 15, Gu'an, Gu'an High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Hebei Province, Yugu (Gu'an) 6th generation fully AMOLED production line began moving equipment, and announced that "the production line started running" into the countdown stage. On October 21, 2016, the 6th generation fully soft AMOLED production line project of YUNKU (Gu'an) was officially started; in August 2017, the main structure of the plant was capped; while this time the equipment began to move in, marking the first 6th generation of our country Soft AMOLED production line in mass production on the road to take another solid step. This project is a representative achievement of Hua Xin, an industry metropolitan operator, who persistently takes industry priority as its core strategy and has continuously introduced Guaian Industry Metro into high quality industry for 15 years.
AMOLED is called the next generation of display technology, is the new display in the global market, the most promising direction of development. Flexible AMOLED display is to show the development trend of the industry, there will be unlimited possibilities. Cloud Valley (Gu'an) 6th Generation All Soft AMOLED project is a major high-tech industry project with independent intellectual property rights in China, ranking top in the world in terms of technical performance. The line design fully considered the future product market demand, not only able to produce the current curved screen, full screen, but also to produce folding display, full flexible display is forward-looking layout, to support future product upgrades of the Sixth Generation Line, Is currently the most professional, most advanced all-soft production line. After the project is put into production, it can meet the demand of 90 million smartphone screens, effectively increase the domestic AMOLED panel supply, and promote the large-scale production of panels and modules. At the same time, the project will also promote China AMOLED to participate in the international market competition and break the monopoly position of Japan and South Korea in the field of display technology.
With the 6th generation fully compliant AMOLED production line in Yun Gu (Gu'an) as a leader, Hebei will speed up the construction of a world-class and the most advanced new display industrial base in China, speed up industrial transformation and upgrading and foster new momentum for economic development. The 6th generation all-AMOLED project with international advanced level is expected to become a brand-new business card of Hebei's strategic emerging industries and become a microcosm of Hebei's high-quality economic development.
For the rapid development in recent years, "the first county in Beijing" - Gu'an, Yun Gu (Gu'an) 6th generation AMRED production line project is even more significant. In the new stage of China's economy turning from high-speed growth to high-quality development, the 6th generation fully flexible AMOLED production line of Yungu will become the new impetus for the comprehensive upgrading of the economy in Gu'an and the most important cornerstone for building a modern economic system. And then reshape the solid security industry structure, create a solid high-quality solid support.
1, marking the new height of China's new display industry, build "China's Chi" new card
November 16, 2017, the 19th China International Hi-Tech Fair opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The Shenzhen Hi-Tech Fair, Yun Gu (Gu An) 6th generation fully flexible AMOLED production line project team - the world's leading OLED maker Vinson, bringing its more than a hundred pieces of independent innovation technology, product and industrialization results stunning debut , Become a hot exhibition area.
Shenzhen High-tech Fair, once known as the "First Exhibition of China's Science and Technology," is hailed as the "vane" of the future development of high-tech industries. In the exhibition "Flexible Future" as its theme, Visionono fully demonstrated its flexible display products with the most core advantages in the field of OLEDs. Based on the expansion of flexible applications, different scenarios of flexible display technologies were constructed, The flexible AMOLED display technology used in e-books, speakers, luxury display, dual-screen mobile phones and other end products, fully demonstrated the vast space for development of the OLED industry.
After just a short half-moon on December 3, 2017, the 4th World Internet Congress kicked off in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province. In the Internet Light Expo, Vixinuo newly developed "the world's first any folding flexible screen full module" products officially unveiled once again stunning the global OLED industry.
This "world's first any folding flexible screen full module" product, the bending radius of 3 mm, the outer radius of 5 mm bending, bending more than 100,000 times. "This is a milestone for the application innovation in the terminal industry." According to industry experts, this "world's first all-in-fold flexible screen full module" product represents the most advanced level in global flexible display technology.
From January to February 2018, the Visionox team successively developed the VR display panel with the highest pixel density of 814PPI in China and the "China's first full-scale production of Notch AMOLED screen" products. The new products and new technologies have been successfully developed and demonstrated to be powerful teams Technology research and development capabilities, and will further promote product upgrades, to bring better end-user visual experience.
In the first half of 2017, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) officially released the "IEC 62715-6-2 Flexible Display Device Environmental Test Method", becoming the latest international standard in the flexible display industry. In the latest international standard setting process, WISINO has become the leader in standard setting and put forward a test method for evaluating the environmental adaptability of flexible display panels and modules, which has solved the problem that global display industry has made international standards for flexible fields Years of unresolved problems.
In fact, as a technical team of the 6th generation AMOLED production line in Yungu (Gu'an), Visionox has repeatedly led the development of international, national and industrial standards for the OLED industry. So far, they have owned over 3,000 OLED-related patents and won the "First Prize of National Technology Invention Award" issued by the State Council and the "Gold Award of China Patent" jointly issued by the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and China's State Intellectual Property Office "And other important awards.

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