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Company News >> Brand manufacturers MWC Mad Push 3D glass behind the 250 million domestic mobile phone upgrade to 5G
If this year's World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC), what is the most neat action of smart phone manufacturers? It is certainly a collective mad push 3D glass back cover! At the conference Samsung, Nokia, Sony, ZTE latest release of the Galaxy S9, Nokia 8 Sirocco, Xperia XZ2, Blade V9 and many other flagship models, are equipped with 3D glass back cover.
And information from various manufacturers of external publicity, Huawei, HTC, one plus other brands of mobile phone manufacturers will soon release the new machine will also use the 3D glass back cover, branded mobile phone manufacturers released a strong signal that the use of glass body Replacement of the previous generation of metal body, a smart phone in the New Year following the full screen display technology, the industry's most active adoption of the design language.
The advantages of 3D glass: Appearance effects innovation + signal processing and convenient
According to the conventional theory, the glass body made of 3D glass for smartphones is easier to be decorated with various effects than the metal body made of traditional aluminum materials for processing smartphones.
The use of different refractive index materials for optical coating processing, supplemented with nano-imprinted acrylic materials made of a variety of grating prisms, etc., can make the glass body presents a variety of material texture perception, as well as variable optical effects.
In these advanced optical processing above, 3D glass body can fully express the design language that smartphone designers want to express, so that the appearance of smart phones more beautiful, but also the direction of the appearance of smart phones innovation.
At the same time, compared with metal materials, glass materials can transmit electromagnetic signals better, which can improve the antenna signal transmission and reception intensity of high-speed communication networks, bring better network transmission speed experience, and enable other advanced functions such as wireless charging The signal transmission efficiency is better improved.
3D glass processing technology is maturing
3D glass processing technology focuses on two aspects, one is the decorative optical processing composite processing technology, one is the appearance of molding technology.
Optical composite processing on glass has been the direction of traditional innovation by handset makers in Japan and South Korea. After many years of market cultivation, glass and resin optical film on the various functional coating technology, are already very mature, so the glass cover decorative optical processing complex processing, whether the tube used directly on the glass or in Resin optical film processing, and then bonded to the glass, the industry has had sufficient capacity.
At present, the major obstacle to popularizing 3D glass covers on smartphones is still the 3D glass forming aspect. According to Li Xing from the industry to understand the information on the market mainstream 3D glass cover molding technology, there are two major CNC milling cold bending and 3D glass Rewan technology.
Among them, CNC milling cold processing 3D glass cover, mainly used in those who demand high strength against drop strength, 3D surface is very small, some smart phone design, due to the appearance of a large cambered 2.5D glass cover The difference is smaller, the proportion of applications on the market, significantly less than the 3D glass bending process.
Really important on the market 3D glass cover processing technology, 3D glass Rewan technology. Due to the ability to design suitable modules, 3D glass bending technology can produce large products with large 3D curved surface curvatures, and the appearance of the product is greatly different from that of 2.5D glass cover plates. Therefore, it becomes a glass body. Innovation breakthrough in the focus on technology.
South Korea's Samsung mobile phone is the most active in the industry to promote 3D curved glass cover technology brands, the Samsung mobile phone has its own flexible OLED panel production capacity, not only the 3D glass cover can be used in the smart phone battery cover, but also through the appropriate Fitting process, the 3D glass cover and the flexible OLED panel are attached together and applied on the front glass cover plate of the smart phone.
Therefore, after Samsung has overcome the mass production technology of flexible OLED panels, the 3D glass body and the flexible OLED panel have also become one of the most obvious features of Samsung's high-end flagship models. The glass cover processing company in the Samsung supply chain also benefited from Samsung's promotion of its 3D glass body design in the market, and obtained the hot bending processing technology of the 3D glass cover plate. And after years of cooperation with Samsung, 3D glass cover technology from the principle to the process, have been more fully certified.
Therefore, whether it is the decorative optical processing of 3D glass composite processing technology, or the appearance of 3D glass molding technology, the market has become more mature, only waiting for the industry broke out.

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