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Company News >> OLED becomes the future mainstream display technology is an inevitable trend 21th,March,2018
                                  In recent years, with the replacement of color TV technology, LCD technology seems to have reached a peak period of prosperity, and various improved technologies emerge in an endless stream. However, the evolution of history tells us that “the prosperity is bound to decline”. It is not that the liquid crystal technology is retrogressive, but that the rapidly evolving technology has spawned a new display technology revolution. It is superior to liquid crystal. It is the third generation of display technology OLED.
OLED full name Organic Light-Emitting Diode, OLED organic material is a thin and transparent semiconductor properties of indium tin oxide (ITO), connected to the positive pole of electricity, plus another metal cathode, wrapped into a sandwich structure. The entire structural layer includes a hole transport layer (HTL), a light emitting layer (EL) and an electron transport layer (ETL). When the power is supplied to an appropriate voltage, the positive hole and cathode charges are combined in the light emitting layer to produce light, and the red, green, and blue RGB primary colors are generated according to their formulations to form a basic color.
Due to the special properties of OLEDs, it is not necessary to cover the light source like the LCD when displaying black, and only the pixels need to be extinguished to not emit light. This is why OLED displays can bring pure "black".
The typical representative is Skyworth OLED organic TV S9 series. It has a variety of inherent advantages of OLED, such as the most pure black, unlimited contrast, high response speed, more close to the natural color performance, a wider perspective.
In terms of technology, OLED is definitely better than LCD, simpler structure, more direct and effective light-emitting mode, and thinner and safer product form. OLED becomes the mainstream display technology in the future without any doubt.

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