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Company News >> ITRI Wu Zhiyi: Cross-domain Integration Lights MicroLED 27th,March,2018
                                   Micro LEDs are hailed as a new generation of displays that are about to disrupt the industry. Faced with the wave of new technology trends, Wu Zhiyi, director of the Institute of Electro-Optical Systems of the Institute of Industrial Science and Technology, actively promotes the “mass micro assembly industry to promote the alliance”. The platform has successfully integrated cross-border talents and companies and made great strides towards the development of multi-applications of the Micro LED.
Driving a huge amount of micro-assembly industry
Wu Zhiyi said that ITRI started investing in the development of Micro LED technology in 2009, which is considered as an early-stage R&D institution.
Apple's acquisition of LuxVue Technology in 2014 drove Micro LED into a world-renowned technology, and LuxVue was founded in 2009.
Under the multi-million dollar funding of the forward-looking plan of the Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Technology of ITRI, the small team of 3-5 people began to practice. In the past three years, Micro LED technology has had a certain degree of maturity. The market has also seen this trend. Including IC design, LED and panel makers, and system manufacturers, all of them are keen to cut into the Micro LED application market.
Ding Jinglong, head of Innotron's executive vice president and technology development center, clearly stated that he believes that Micro LED will be the mainstream of next-generation display technology, yet it still needs to solve the problem of millions of Micro LED's massive transfer.
According to Wu Zhiyi, the research and development team of the Micro LED R&D team of the ITRI has been drawing water for many years. In the past two or three years, it has invested 50 to 60 million yuan each year; participation in R&D personnel alone has nearly 40 inputs for the electro-optic, plus The cross-domain integration and development teams such as measurement centers, mechanical institutes and materialization facilities have a total scale of nearly 80 people.
At the same time, the Micro LED test production line was established at IHI 17th Hall. It is expected that the production line will be completed by the end of this year (2018).
In view of the fact that Taiwan's industry is from the IC design, LED manufacturing, display panel factory, to system integration vendors, whether it is the supply chain or the industrial chain is quite complete, the integrity of the industry has deep international competitiveness.
Five fields of multiple applications
Therefore, at the end of 2016, Wu Zhiyi promoted the establishment of a “massive micro assembly industry promotion alliance” to establish an interactive platform for production officials, universities and research institutes, and successfully gathered six major industries (IC design, LED, panel, packaging and testing plant, and PCB factory). , to the system integration plant), nearly 40 companies actively participated. And to develop the application of small to large applications such as: AR / VR, wearable devices, mobile devices and other mobile devices, television, and large electronic signage and other five application areas.
Key technology research and development focus
Among them, Jumbo's dominant position in the market for large-sized electronic billboard-driven ICs is to take the lead in entering the Micro LED digital signage market, and to work closely with the ITRI.
Wu Zhiyi stated that it is well-known that Micro LED is currently facing a huge number of key technical issues to be overcome, but Micro LED is integrated in the alliance's enterprise applications for large (large digital signage) and minimal (AR/VR) applications. The fastest project.
In the latter case, ITRI has quite mature partners and it is expected that the new team can form in the second half of this year.
With a gentle personality, Wu Zhiyi has the persistence and optimism of people as his name suggests. When he enters the kitchen, he should not be afraid of heat. In the "Massive Micro-Assembly Industry Promotion Alliance" platform, how to assemble everyone's wisdom and allow companies to find suitable partners in the absence of conflicts of interest, with international companies such as Apple, Sony, Samsung, LG, and Japan Sub-Chemistry, Sharp, and so on, fair competition for the successful application of Micro LED technology in the product is his current priority.

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