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Company News >> Is the full screen an LCD or an AMOLED monarch? 8th,Apr,2018
                                         The recent comprehensive screen theme has become the focus of the entire mobile phone industry chain. The full-screen mobile phone is a mobile phone that occupies a higher proportion of the screen. Generally speaking, the percentage of the screen is more than 95%. Currently, major mobile phone brand companies have started a full screen. Mobile phone series development project. So how does the concept of a full screen come to light? We can find out here.
From the trend point of view, the current traditional LCD module is facing the hardships of internal and external problems, the price of LCD modules has continued to decline, market competition has intensified, and external AMOLED screens continue to snatch the market. The biggest threat should come from the looting of the market by AMOLED flexible screens.
The AMOLED screen quickly attracted the attention of the market with its unique curved screen. The release of the Samsung Galaxy series pushed the concept of the curved screen to a climax. The curved screen has many advantages over the traditional liquid crystal display, such as the AMLOED curved screen. It is more fitting to manpower, especially the phone with a hyperbolic screen gives people a sense of fashion and coolness both in terms of visual and operational functions. As we can see from the data of the Rising Sun Big Business Big Data, AMOLED module shipments reached 364 million in 2016 and maintained an increasing trend. It is estimated that shipments will reach 8. 08 billion.
2014-2020 AMOLED Module Shipment Data Statistics and Forecasts

With AMOLED's such powerful pressure, if LCM manufacturers want to increase their own shipments, they must put forward some innovative things to increase their share. The concept of a full screen seems to give new light to traditional LCD manufacturers.
Millet MIX is the first mobile phone in China with a full screen concept. It suddenly attracted everyone's attention. It uses a 17-inch “borderless” screen. Of course, the borderless frame is actually Is a pseudo concept, the current more common technology is to use a special angle of 2.5D arc glass to make the screen light refraction, through the visual artifacts to create a "borderless" display, thus reflecting a comprehensive screen such a concept. The overall appearance of a full-screen mobile phone has a qualitative leap, and after a very narrow border, the mobile phone will show the overall effect of integration and overall color. The visual sensation that the full screen brings to the customer is not lost at all. Please bring the visual effect to the user, which greatly offsets the appearance advantages of the AMOLED flexible screen compared to the traditional LCD screen. It can also be said that TFT-LCD is a counterattack for AMOLED.
Of course, in the future, flexible displays will continue to be a major trend. The launch of the full-screen era will also force flexible OLEDs to advance to a higher level. In the pursuit of large-size displays today, for individuals, with the current technology, the portable type of mobile phones with a size of 6 inches or more is already the limit of ordinary people, and the large size is no longer realistic for mobile phones. Forms should be the most sought after in the 6-inch volume to get a larger display area, then TFT-LCD has been unable to deal with the trend of the future. At present, the visible trend of foldable mobile phones and even scroll-type mobile phones will be the future appearance of mobile phones, AMOLED screen is the future trend.
The forecast is just a forecast, the future is still unknown, but one thing is certain, the final decision of the future of mobile phones is our consumers, then the overall screen is a TFT-LCD anti-Go strike or AMOLED's monarchy, worth the wait.

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