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Company News >> New Panel Industry Supported OLED Technology Welcomes Good 14th,Apr,2018
                                      On May 18, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Notice on Implementing Major Engineering Packages for Upgrading and Upgrading Manufacturing Industries, focusing on high-end manufacturing, intelligence, greenization, and service, and organized and implemented ten key projects. Through the implementation of major engineering packages, it strives to achieve a year-on-year growth of 7% or more in the value-added of manufacturing industries above designated size. The average annual increase in investment in technological transformation of enterprises is about 15%, and the ability of independent innovation and the output value of new industrial products have increased significantly. At the same time, we will increase state funding support and expand the scale of special construction fund support.
This major engineering package involves intelligent manufacturing, high-end equipment, key new materials, aerospace capacity building, and electronic information. Specifically, the seventh largest engineering package is the electronic information upgrade project. The new flat panel display is an important part of it. It is required to focus on the development of new generations of low temperature polysilicon (LTPS), oxide (Oxide), organic light emitting semiconductor (AMOLED), etc. Display production technology, build high-generation production lines, develop key materials and equipment fields such as glass substrates, brightening films, photoresists, OLED evaporation process unit equipment components, and automatic evaporation system for evaporation equipment, and enhance self-supporting capabilities. In addition, it promotes joint development of common key technologies and demonstration of industrialization; layout of forward-looking technology fields such as quantum dots and flexible displays.
As smart phones such as Apple will use OLED materials, the future market has broad application prospects. The agency expects that by 2020, the AMOLED market is expected to reach 67 billion US dollars, and the compound annual growth rate will exceed 45%.
The recent interactive platform shows that organizations frequently research related companies in this field. Since late April, Wanrun shares ushered in 103 collective research. The company stated that at present, the company's overall OLED material business is relatively stable and its production and operation are all normal. The company hopes to develop more promising products such as liquid crystal materials, zeolite series environmental protection materials and OLED materials through R&D. Shen Tianma A said on the interactive platform that the company started building the first 4.5-generation AMOLED pilot line in Shanghai in 2010 and has produced a number of samples. In 2013, the company began to invest in a 5.5-generation AMOLED production line to form a production capacity of 15,000th-generation 1/4-cut OLED evaporated glass substrates for processing 15,000 sheets a month. At present, the production line has already been produced. Based on the AMOLED production line, the company has conducted in-depth research and development of flexible display technology. Among them, 5.46-inch AMOLED flexible display products won the "CITE2016 Innovative Product and Application Award."
According to the agency, with the rapid development of smart phones, wearable devices and VR, OLEDs are expected to continue to expand into new application areas and become the mainstream display technologies in the future due to their clear advantages such as thinner, lighter, high contrast, flexible and bendable, and wide viewing angle range. one. In addition, as major smart phone manufacturers will adopt OLED technology, the application of OLED materials in small and medium-sized fields will show rapid growth. It is expected that by 2017, the OLED market will show double growth. By 2018, the large-size OLED screen market with TV as the core will be fully launched. In the next 10 years, OLED products will be expected to account for 30% to 40% of the total display market.

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