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Company News >> Market Share Nearly 30% OLED Screen Accelerates Chase LCD 16th,Apr,2018
                                 According to foreign media reports, in recent years, there are more and more smart phones equipped with OLED screens in the market. The latest industry report shows that they will be on an equal footing with LCD screens in the next three years.

Samsung is the largest manufacturer of OLED screens
Today, the market share of OLED screens has reached 27.6%, from zero to yes, they are constantly eroding the territory of LCD screens. Samsung has always been the largest manufacturer of OLED screens. At the same time, it also sold the most OLED screen phones. LG, Sony and Apple are the main players in the LCD camp. With the iPhone 8 switching to OLED screens, the advantages of the original LCD camp will be gradually disintegrated. In addition, the Chinese manufacturers Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu and other OLED screens also make such products promising.
Previously, the obstacle to the popularity of OLED screens has always been a cost issue, but in recent years, with the advancement of technology, its manufacturing cost has dropped significantly, even once lower than LCD. OLED screens also have an absolute advantage in terms of contrast, light leakage and viewing angle.
In addition, the OLED screen holds a killer in the hand, which is the characteristic that it can bend.
Since the beginning of last year, the appearance of smart phones has gradually changed, and the application of curved screens has lifted people from aesthetic fatigue. This year, the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 will both use arc-shaped full-screen designs and will become the industry’s dual-bearers. Their new trends will come. Will be conducted to other manufacturers.
However, this is not the ultimate goal of smart phone design, rumored that both Samsung and LG are preparing folding mobile phones, and the most important element is the flexible OLED screen.
Regardless of whether OLED can eat half of the market in 2020, its tendency to narrow the gap with LCD screens is irreversible. In the future, with the launch of OLED production lines from manufacturers such as LG, JDI and Foxconn, manufacturers will increasingly accept such screens.

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