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Company News >> Visionox unveiled the first Digital China Construction Summit 23th,Apr,2018
                                   On April 22nd, the first Digital China Construction Summit was opened in Fuzhou, Fujian, with the theme of “informatization-driven modernization and accelerating the construction of digital China.” The global new display industry representative company Visionox was invited to participate in the conference and demonstrated the important technical breakthroughs and industrialization results of the flexible display in promoting the construction of China's information industry, and communicated to the industry that the new display industry should be used in the construction of digital China. Shoulder the "competence of mastering core competitiveness of technology" and "responsibility for the development of unbounded industry integration."
Dr. Zhang Deqiang, President of Visoxon, said that after 22 years of dedicated efforts, Visionox has led the formulation of OLED international standards and continued to achieve technological innovation breakthroughs in the global OLED field, which has won international discourse rights for China's new display manufacturing industry. We are committed to collaborative development with partners in the Internet, Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and intelligent manufacturing, opening up industry boundaries, collaborating on innovation, and helping the digital economy enter a fast-track channel to build a digital powerhouse.
In Digital China Construction Achievement Exhibition, Visionox released the "World's First Flexible Display Smart Cup" and "6.2-inch QHD Notch Flexible AMOLED Comprehensive Screen", and demonstrated "a forward-looking technology breakthrough in flexible AMOLED" and " The achievements of flexible AMOLED frontier solution "," flexible AMOLED innovation cross-border terminal" and "flexible AMOLED industrialization process" fully demonstrated to the industry that the display terminal is the most important port of intelligent interaction and will lead in the digital economy era. The industry carries out new technology and application changes.

Visionox Announces the World's First Flexible Display Smart Cup
In the digital era, the ecological concept has undergone tremendous changes. In the smart age, everything needs to be connected and interoperable, and “unbounded” has become the road to future development. In order to expand the terminal applications of flexible display in the future wisdom ecology, Visoxone is the first to introduce a variety of flexible and innovative cross-border terminal products, followed by a flexible e-book, a flexible display smart speaker, a flexible display smart jewelry box, and a flexible display smart wearable mobile phone. Visconnano has launched the “Flexible Display Smart Water Cup”. Unlike ordinary drinking glasses, it can realize interactive display, including information such as time, water temperature, weather, and drinking reminders. Users can also match different display contents according to their preferences. Personalized "showing cups", and through the integration of artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies, such intelligent drinking glasses can also become more "identity" in the future, interacting with people in all directions, and letting the magic of the digital age technology. It can show up.

Visionox Announces New 6.2-inch QHD Notch Flexible AMOLED Screen
In 2017, the full screen became the new trend in the smart phone market. With the release of flagship models such as the Apple X, oppo, and vivo, Notch products have become a new trend for full-screen products. Faced with the needs of the blowout market, at the Digital China Construction Summit, Visionox launched the “6.2-inch QHD Notch flexible AMOLED full-screen” product. This product realizes the slotting of “flexible” products and solves the top of the screen. Simultaneously with the space problem, the hyperboloid edge further expands the screen share, with a resolution of up to 2K showing finer picture quality, and the overall product solution has reached the leading level in the industry.
The world is undergoing the most rapid, extensive, and profound changes in history. The high and new technologies represented by information technology are advancing by leaps and bounds. Under the background of the big data era, various technologies and companies are facing the need for digital transformation.

Wechaoxno showcases a 3.35-inch flexible display smart wearable phone
At the recent Boao Forum for Asia, Dr. Weixinuo Zhang Deqiang proposed the idea of ​​"unbounded industry integration to promote a new round of technological revolution." The new round of technological revolution is characterized by digitization, intelligence and networking. There is also a very important point of visualization. Display as an interface for information transfer and various human-computer interaction experiences will play an indispensable role in the era of big data and the Internet of Things. Among them, OLED display technology, especially flexible display technology, is a new generation of display technology that will promote a variety of technologies. The changes will better realize the establishment of different scenarios in the application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and mobile internet. The technological development in the information age will also promote the overall upgrade of the display in terms of functions and experience, bringing major opportunities for the display industry. They complement each other to further promote the efficient integration of industries and promote the rapid development of China's digital economy.
Through the platform of the Digital China Construction Summit, with a firmer sense of trust and mission to the innovative companies represented by Visionox, Visionox will continue to play its core competitiveness of independent technological innovation and contribute value to the construction of Digital China.

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