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Company News >> Huaying Evonik Launches Liquid Metal Oxide LCD Screen 5th,May,2018
                                 Evonik iXsenic® is a liquid processable inorganic metal oxide semiconductor at room temperature. It is mainly used in the display industry and is launched by the Evonik resource efficiency business. The product does not need to operate in a vacuum environment, so it can realize the advantages of simplified process, high output and low cost. Through the slit coating process, iXsenic® achieves the best performance.
Taiwan's display manufacturer Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) is committed to providing full-size product lines and positions itself as a leader in visual telecommunications products and a full range of innovators in optoelectronics technology.
Following the demonstration of displays at Smart Display and Touch Taiwan last year, CPT joined forces with Evonik to apply iXsenic® metal oxide semiconductor coatings on CPT's Gen4 mass production line. The result of the cooperation between the two companies was a 5.8-inch mobile phone display with higher performance and reliability, and was exhibited at the SID Display Week.

Caption: Chunghwa Picture Tubes and Evonik jointly interviewed at SID 2016
Professor Ralf Anselmann, EVP of Evonik Solutions, said: “We are proud to be here with our partner display manufacturer Chunghwa Picture Tubes, displaying the latest developments in the display industry, one of the most important trade fairs in the global display industry.”
“This display shows once again that iXsenic® is well-suited for mass production in the coating process. We are also continuously improving and moving towards the goal of mass production,” said Dr. Liang Jianyi, chief technology officer of CPT.
In addition to demonstrations of display samples, Evonik also displayed the first results of its strategic cooperation with SCREEN FT at the weekly trade fair and looked forward to future prospects. Both companies are said to provide mass production solutions for metal oxide semiconductor technology iXsenic® by 2017.

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