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Company News >> Kaneka development LCD panel protection film: life upgrade 50% 8th,Apr,2017
                                       In a mobile device, the display panel is one of the most expensive components. Normally, the screen occupies about 40% -50% of the total power consumption of ordinary smart phones, so we see a lot of large-screen smart phone battery capacity in 2000mAh or more. But to increase the battery capacity is not a long way to solve the problem of battery life, the main way to improve the display panel has become one of the key means.
                             A Japanese company called Kaneka's special materials company, recently developed a new LCD panel for the protective film, said the amount of light is said to be twice the existing technology, theoretically, can provide doubles for the smart phone battery Life time.
                             According to reports, Kaneka LCD protective film for the LCD screen polarizer, and polarizer is just natural light to reach the color filter before it becomes polarized light of the key optical components. Kaneka's layer of protective film consists of acrylic resin (Acrylic Resin), its biggest advantage is to increase the amount of natural light to reach the screen surface.
                            According to the past, only about 10% of the natural light successfully passed, and Kaneka LCD's new technology can make 20% of the conversion success. Therefore, the LCD backlight only half of the original brightness can be, power consumption can also be reduced to half the original amount, and the brightness of the output and the original is no different. Further, the technology can help lower-cost LCD and OLED compete in terms of energy consumption.

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