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Company News >> Nokia 7 plus Review: outstanding LCD screen performance 12th,May,2018
                                   On the MWC2018, Nokia brought out a full-screen Nokia 7 plus, which is at least a few times better than the "Nokia 6 Second Generation." Although adding a plus suffix is ​​not a big screen mobile phone, the 6-inch 18:9 ratio screen can only be said to be the gold size of the full screen trend last year.
From the paper parameters, Nokia 7 plus is considered to be a flagship last year. Compared with the feelings of return at the beginning of the return, Xiaolong 660, 6GB RAM, Zeiss dual camera, exquisite craftsmanship and pure system, these dry goods can better reflect the sincerity of HMD.
1, screen
Just got Nokia 7 plus evaluation machine, found support for "local light" lift wake-up function, but also think that the use of OLED material screen. However, it is not, but this LCD can "deceive" my eyes. The darkness is so thorough that the quality is good.
Nokia 7 plus Review: Highlight LCD Performance
Nokia 7 plus uses a full 18:9 screen
The screen size is a 6 inch 18:9 ratio full screen with a resolution of 1080P+, which is also the standard parameter of the mainstream full screen. 1:1500 contrast, 96% NTSC color gamut, maximum brightness 500 nits, above are other official details given.
The four corners of the screen have rounded corners similar to the curvature of the R-angle of the body. The top part can see the earpiece, the front camera, and the looming NOKIA logo. There is no element at the bottom.
Overall, the screen quality of Nokia 7 plus is very good, and there is a sharp feeling similar to AMOLED, but it is not particularly "glare."
2, design and process
I have always felt that Nokia in the era of HMD is very much like the original Xiaomi, with little sense of design. However, as the number of follow-up models increased, it gradually accepted and accepted this unpretentious style.
Nokia 7 plus Review: Highlight LCD Performance
Nokia 7 plus back design
The Nokia 7 plus looks very comfortable on the back, and the dual camera, flash, and fingerprint are all concentrated in the upper third area. The dual camera module is slightly raised, the fingerprint module is slightly recessed, and it is surrounded by a circle of metal material.
The material of the whole back shell feels very special, a bit like the kind of ceramic texture of "Zi Shahu". In fact, the Nokia 7 plus is still at the bottom of the metal fuselage, the surface covered with 6 layers of coating process, while the antenna strip is hidden. Nokia said that the 6-layer coating is not only costly, but also difficult to process complex, resulting in low yield.
In actual use, this coating material has obvious advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that the feel is not bad, there is a little sense of damping is not too slippery, and not as easy to contaminate fingerprints as glass. The disadvantage is that it is anti-fingerprint but not oil-resistant. Wet wipes are needed to wipe off the "greasy", and then there is the perception that it is too low-key, not "glass" with glass coating or metal material.
Nokia 7 plus Review: Highlight LCD Performance
Nokia 7 plus bottom frame
The Nokia 7 plus's middle frame is polished with metal, and the bronze color reminds me of the thin red line of the Nut Pro. In order to maintain symmetry with the rear shell arc surface, there is a "chamfer sandwich" between the middle frame and the front glass panel. In fact, the thickness of the middle frame is only about half of the thickness of the body. The Type-C charging data interface at the bottom and the 3.5mm earphone hole at the top have to “breakthrough” the middle frame to occupy a part of the backshell space.
As always, Nokia 7 plus continued its exquisite workmanship by not knowing whether this coated walnut would have pits.
3, performance
In the flagship are rushing to start the MWC of Xiaolong 845, Nokia 7 plus equipped with last year's flagship processor Xiaolong 660, this evaluation machine is 6GB RAM +64GB ROM version.
We are all familiar with this SoC, 14nm LPP process technology, eight-core Kryo260 architecture (4*2.2GHz+4*1.8GHz). GPU Adreno 512 is not too strong, but the overall power balance is good.
In terms of running performance, safety performance tests were performed with security rabbit B7 and GeekBench4 respectively. The total score of security rabbit was 138071, and GeekBench4 single-core 1591 had more than 5761 cores.
Nokia 7 plus Review: Highlight LCD Performance
Nokia 7 plus run screenshots
There is no pressure for this performance to play "Jade for survival" (a bit hot), and the "King of Honor" high frame rate mode basically remains at full frame level. In fact, for Nokia, I think that the configuration of Xiaolong 660+6GB RAM is very good. At least those users who originally paid for feelings can also obtain hardware configurations that are affordable.
However, aside these factors, in the next 2018, in the face of Xiaolong 845 flagship and Ov Dragon 670 new products, Nokia still have to rely on feelings in order to make up for the slow half of the hardware configuration.
4, the system
Nokia 7 plus still maintains its native style, but it has added customized services for China. Running the latest Android 8.0 system, there is almost no pre-installed application and no system-level advertising.
WeChat microblogging Alipay, application stores, mobile phone butlers have already installed these necessary software. Application store and mobile phone butler should come from Tencent support, but no traces can be seen on the surface, and the overall is very simple and refreshing.
Nokia 7 plus Review: Highlight LCD Performance
Nokia 7 plus system screenshot
The bottom navigation bar can be completely hidden, by sliding from the outside instead of the operation, so that it can be a true full screen. There are also more interactive ways that can be customized, such as setting a fingerprint to quickly open the payment interface, double-clicking the power button to quickly open the camera, and so on. The notification content of the lock frequency interface can be hidden, but it needs to be used in conjunction with facial recognition that will be upgraded later.
Comparing with domestic manufacturers' customized ROM, I personally prefer Nokia and OnePlus to make small changes on native Android. This question is a matter of opinion, but at least Nokia 7 plus's system will not make you feel difficult to use.

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